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Dragon Worlds Fremantle 2019
22 Oct 2018, 16:19
Last chance to sail in paradise this December/January
The deadline to enter the 2019 World International Dragon Championships, to be sailed on the pristine waters off Fremantle in West Australia is fast approaching. (31 October, 2018)
This is your last chance to enjoy racing in warm summer sunshine, under blue skies with some.. Read more

TUR 1212 "Provezza Dragon" Win in St Tropez.....
21 Oct 2018, 17:02
Winners TUR 1212 "Provezza Dragon" (Centre) Simon Fry, Ali Tezdiker & Andy Beadsworth.

After 6 super competitive races over the first two days, with winds between 10 to 18kts the 19 boat fleet had a great time sailing in the beautiful Gulf of St.. Read more

Six Races so far in St Tropez....But no wind today.
19 Oct 2018, 15:25

The Dragons are back in St Tropez, with 6 races over.. Read more

Stephan is "Linked In" at Torbole'
07 Oct 2018, 19:13
GER 1162 Stephan Link, Michi Lip & Frank Butzmann  dominate in Torbole'. 4th-6th Oct.

7 races sailed in sunshine and 15kts over 3 days on the picturesque water's of Lake Garda, saw 3 sailors stand out amongst the 41 teams competing for the.. Read more

Dragon Worlds Fremantle 2019
01 Oct 2018, 14:25
Dragons in Perth (1).jpg

Last.. Read more

Message from IDA Chairman
20 Sep 2018, 16:40
It is amazing how much fuss can be created by a single word! And how it can have negative meaning for some and positive for others.
If you have health problems (which I do not wish anyone at all - just the opposite!) what is the main criteria for the selection of a doctor? Surely his professionalism or expertise! When we need any kind of.. Read more

San Remo Winners at the Final Grade 1 of 2018.
18 Sep 2018, 21:02

NED 412 Pieter Heerema, Lars Hendriksen & George Leonchuk win the San Remo Grand Prix.

Organiser Tatiana Kurbatova (left) at Prize Giving was joined on the Podium by the top 5 teams of the final Grade 1 event of 2018 in San.. Read more

Surf's Up in San Remo....
16 Sep 2018, 08:45
NED 412 "Troika" Pieter Heerema is the overall leader after 5 races in San Remo.

Day 3 of the Paul & Shark Dragon Grand Prix provided excellent conditions for the 35 teams competing at the final IDA Grade 1 regatta of 2018.  After losing Day 1.. Read more

It's a Game of Thrones in San Remo....
15 Sep 2018, 09:16
"Khaleesi" GER 1207 wins Race 1 of the San Remo Grade 1 Grand Prix.

First blood in this extremely competitive final Grade 1 event of 2018 went to Nicola Friesen helming her new V6 named after the Queen of Dragons Khaleesi (Game of.. Read more

National Championship in Glandore
11 Sep 2018, 20:02
Irish Open National Champions Neil Hegarty, Peter Bowring and David Williams in Phantom IRL 176
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