Edinburgh Cup 2017 – Notice Of Party!

Calling all Dragon sailors, friends and family, past, present and future!  Join us for a very special celebration of the International Dragon Class at our 2017 Edinburgh Cup Celebration on Friday 14 July.

Edinburgh Cup logo I

The Edinburgh Cup Celebration
Friday 14 July 2017 – RORC Cowes Clubhouse


 Tickets £45! Includes sparkling reception, 3 course dinner, dancing & fun

1. Organising Authority 

1.1 I.D.I.O.T.S. (International Dragons Insisting On Terrific Summer-partying)

2. Eligibility

2.1 All International Dragon sailors, friends, family and anyone who likes the look of the yachts, crews and parties can apply.

3. Entries and Fees

3.1 Competitors for Edinburgh Cup 2017 will be automatically assigned a place (3 per boat) and may purchase additional tickets. See NOP

3.2 Tickets may be purchased by individuals or by groups. Tables are for 8 to 10 people.

3.3 Closing date for entries 0930 Tuesday 11 July 2017.

3.4 Competitors should advise of specific dietary requirements when booking.

4. Corinthian Classification

4.1 For the purposes of this event, participants who have not attended a Dragon party before will be spared initiation rites, and will be treated as professional party goers.

5. Measurement and Dress Code

5.1 Dress Code: Black Tie (Dinner/Smoking Jacket), Mess Dress & Ball Gowns/Cocktail Dresses (long or short) for the Ladies

5.2 Acceptable: Formal Attire, Lounge Suit/Blazer & Tie

5.3 Minimum Requirement: Smart!

Smart Dress






6. Event Schedule First Race: Fizz 1900

Second Race: Dinner and Prize Giving 1930

Third Race: Dancing (Immediately following Race 2)

Fourth Race: To Berths 0100

7. Courses 

7.1 Races will be triangular between the Club House bar, Dining Room and dance floor.

8. Risk Statement

8.1 The organising authority takes no responsibility for participants who fail to have a superb evening in the unlikely event of such an outcome.

To book contact the RORC Office: +44 (0) 1983 293581


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Estonian Team Win the Hong Kong 2K.

HG teamMihkel Kosk, Viljo Vetik & Niklas Jansson win the 2k event in Hong Kong.

After the 8 teams had completed a total of 42 races over 3 days, the winners of the Hong Kong 2K event went to the smiling Estonian Team who had flown out directly from Cascais to join in the fun… 🙂

Mihkel Kosk, the winning helmsman, told me “For the last two weeks it’s been a big learning curve, it’s never easy but it’s always good fun.  Thanks to all those who have looked out for us, we have had a great time”.

The event organiser Tam Nguyen, explained “The final 10 races saw Team Racing at it’s very best, which moved all the overall rankings around. So it was never over until the Fat Lady Sings”… Tam added “Amazing job from the Race Committee and Umpires to complete 42 races in just 3 days”…


The winning team at prize giving receiving their awards, great back drop of the city.

Overall Results : 1st Mihkel Kosk. 2nd Dmitry Samokhin. 3rd Wouter Ten Wolde. 4th Brieuc Lebec. 5th Tam Nguyen. 6th CY Seah. 7th Marc St-Laurent. 8th Bram van Olphen.


With teams from Holland (Wouter Ten Wolde) Russia (Dmitry Samokhin) and of course Estonia all joining the 5 teams from Hong Kong it made for a great International Party..

Many congratulations to Mihkel and his team, who will now be one of the favourites for the next “Dragon” 2K event in Venice during October……or will last year’s Venice Champion Dmitry fight back ?  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer………………   Stavros.



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“Provezza” On Fire in Cascais.

ProvezzaOnFireTUR 1212 “Provezza Dragon” has won the 22nd King Juan Carlos Trophy, in Cascais.

Andy Beadsworth holds two smaller cups as Ali Tezdiker and Simon Fry hold the famous Trophy aloft at Prize Giving yesterday after adding this Grade 1 event to their Stavros Match Race victory earlier in the week, a brilliant achievement for three excellent sailors and extremely nice guys! Well done.

PonFireFighting hard to win the title, “Provezza Dragon” give full concentration downwind.

Andy explained his final race tactics “With the easterly wind we wanted to protect the left side of the first beat, so elected to start below our main competitors. There was certainly a tidal advantage on the left but we were also aware of building pressure on the right. We made a clean start with good boat speed and were in good shape at the first mark. We knew that if NED 412 won the race we would need to finish in the top 6 boats, so we sailed conservatively from then on staying in touch with the leaders to finish in 4th place”.  Great sailing Andy, Ali and Stirfry, your back to back victories this week are very well deserved.

NoWayBackNED 412 “Troika” leads the fleet on the final day of the King Juan Carlos Trophy.

Setting the pace in the final race was indeed NED 412 “Troika” helmed by Vendee’ Globe helmsman Pieter Heerema. This experienced team opted to play the right side of the first upwind in complete contrast to TUR 1212. At first it looked doubtful that tactician (former Gold Cup & European Champion) Lars Hendriksen had made the correct call, but halfway up the 2 mile beat more pressure filled in from the right and “Troika” began to fly.


2nd overall NED 412 helmed by Pieter Heerema, Lars Hendriksen & George Leonchuk.

In 3rd place overall was GBR 758 “Fever” helmed by 2013 World Champion Klaus Diederichs, who put together a very good series in this highly competitive field. Klaus is also doing an excellent job as Chairman of the IDA Technical Committee which will oversee a variety of measurement checks at the coming World Championships in June.


3rd overall “Fever” Jamie Lea (3rd left), Klaus Diederichs (centre) & Diego Negri (right).

The Club Naval de Cascais President Goncalo Esteves, awards the “Fever” team their Hendricks Gin and engraved Glass prizes, along with the Deputy Mayor and sponsors. Goncalo also invited more boats to Cascais to compete in the Portuguese Nationals followed by the 2017 World Championships.


Corinthian Winners SWE 385 “Still Crazy” Team with Goncalo & Vasily (IDA Chairman).

Best Corinthian team and also a great top 10 finish (9th overall position) was  Stefan Winberg, crewed by Fredrik Brotell and Markus Lagerquist. This team have been competing all winter and will give 2015 World Corinthian Champion, Will Packer, a great battle in a few months time. With 8 teams travelling over from Australia and many more European crews joining in the fun, this Cascais Worlds will be something to be remembered….

Jose' CansellaPrinciple Race Officer Jose’ Casella, will be assisted by Goncalo Neves at the 2017 Worlds.

In closing I want to congratulate the Principle Race Officer Jose Cansella, assisted by Goncalo Neves and all the Club Naval race management, they did a very good job in testing conditions. With good, clear VHF communication from former IDA Secretary Thomas Wilton, the on the water organisation is preparing perfectly for the Worlds.


The Final actions from the Winners…..  Don’t drink it all Ali 🙂 

Higher, Faster, Longer………………….     Stavros.

12719145_10206332357602904_1330308284543749013_o (2)

Thanks as always to Ricardo Pinto…   The “Ace” On-the-Water Man!



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Day 3 of the Juan Carlos Trophy.

SnoopySmiles all round for GER 1140 “Smaug” Nicola Friesen, Frithjof Kleen & Vincie Hoesch.

It was a long, long day of magnificent sailing on Day 3 of the Grade 1 “Juan Carlos Trophy” in Cascais, as 2 more races were completed in wonderful conditions. Even though the sailors did not return to the Club Naval de Cascais until the sun was setting, not one of the 45 top teams were complaining, especially not on board GER 1140 as they won the first race of the day in style. Nicola Friesen took full advantage of her winter training in Cascais as she calmly increased her lead to win race 3 of the competition. Nicola told me “When I first started sailing with Vincie he was always saying up or down or lower or higher…Now its more quiet so I know I must be doing something right” 🙂  In hot pursuit was GBR 761 “Jerboa” with Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, Mark Hart & Phillip Catmur who finished 2nd to back up their 5th in race 2.


2nd place Gavia Wilkinson-Cox who made it a “Ladies Day” race, another excellent result.

Race Officer Jose’ Cansella set a great line for both races by putting 10 to 15 degrees “bias” at the Pin end. This tempted some sailors to start further down the line, whilst others opted to go right from the beginning and head for the favoured right side. One team that had an excellent day recording a 3rd & 5th was GBR 803 “Gorgeous Worgeous” who opted to start both races from the middle of the line, proving that all it takes is getting a good transit and being positive with your game plan.


3rd was GBR 803 helmed by Quentin Strauss, crewed by his brother Simon & Nigel Young.

I spoke with Simon Strauss after racing he told me “We started both races in the middle of the line and tacked when we had the opportunity. By judging the starboard lay-line correctly we managed to round the top mark first on one occasion and were extremely pleased with our 3rd & 5th results today”. Very well done gentlemen, I’m pleased to see your Match Race participation has sharpened your skills and general tactical awareness.  Mind you Quentin has won the Dutch Nationals for the last 2 years so he is well used to winning big races at the highest level…


TUR 1212 “Provezza” won race 4 of the Juan Carlos to take the overall lead in Cascais.

Deciding to hold a second race yesterday was certainly the correct call as we now have 4 completed races, with 2 more possible today. Making the most of the consistent wind in race 4 was sailing team “Provezza”, who really powered into a commanding position. Helmsman Andy Beadsworth told me “We were able to tack immediately off the start line because the nearest boats to us on our windward side were 2 or 3 boat lengths shy of the line. This gave us the opportunity to head into the favoured right side and chose a good lay-line”.  Of course there is a lot more to winning a race at this level than getting a good start, but with his crew of Simon Fry and Ali Tesdiker, this experienced team now lead overall and will be tough to beat.


2nd in race 4 was GBR 780 “Louise” Grant, Kasper & Theis, who followed up their victory in race 2!

Adding another excellent race to their score sheet was GBR 780 “Louise” helmed by Grant Gordon, crewed by top Danish crew Kasper Harsberg & Theis Palm. Grant is now well focused on his Dragon sailing after spending a great deal of time last year cruising around the world on his 70′ yacht.

Another “Round the World” Yachtsman is top Dutch Sailor Pieter Heerema, who has amazing just competed in the famous “Vendee’ Globe”, the single handed non stop around the world race! Not only did Pieter finish in great shape but he has jumped straight back into his NED 412 “Troika” (a Pedersen & Thuesen Dragon) and is right up at the front of the fleet, quite remarkable.


NED 412 “Troika” Pieter Heerema, with Lars Hendriksen & George Leonchuk, 3rd in race 4.

Pieter’s 3rd in race 4 now puts him 4th overall and when the discard kicks in today, makes him one of the teams who can still lift this prestigious title…

Leading the Corinthian Sailors is SWE 385 “Still Crazy” helmed by Stefan Winberg, crewed by Fredrik Brotell and Markus Largerquist. Stefan is no stranger to these waters as he competes in all the winter series program and has chosen to live in Cascais playing Golf most days… who can blame him ?


Top Corinthian Team, “Still Crazy” SWE 385 Stefan Winberg, Fredrik Brotell & Markus Largerquist.

So now we go into the final day with 2 more possible races. There is a strong easterly wind blowing as I type these final words and anyone from the top 7 or 8 boats can still win! Watch this space to see who will lift the 22nd Juan Carlos Trophy and set down their “marker” for the World Championships taking place in June….

Higher, Faster, Longer………………..    Stavros.




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“Louise” Wins Race 2 in Cascais.

Grant1GBR 780 “Louise” Grant Gordon, Theis Palm & Kasper Harsberg win 2nd Race.

The early morning Easterly breeze did not materialise yesterday so the planned 10am start had to be delayed until the afternoon North-Westerly wind eventually filled in. Therefore, at around 2pm the 45 boat fleet were sent out for a great afternoon of sailing.


The start after 2 general recalls and 12 boats DSQ under the Black Flag Rule.

Unfortunately 12 boats were disqualified as the favourable current surprised many of the sailors who were keen to start at the committee boat end of the line and tack towards the right shore. I am sure if conditions are similar today the Race Officer, Jose Cansella, will put considerable more line bias at the Pin End.

However, it’s the same for everyone and making the best of the first 2 mile upwind leg was GER 1162 “Desert Holly” helmed by Stephan Link, crewed by Frank Butzmann and Michi Lipp. They judged the starboard “lay-line” perfectly to round first and set their kite for the long downwind leg.


First the top mark was GER 1162 “Desert Holly”… Helmed by Stephan Link.

On the first downwind leg, it paid to gybe early as there was less adverse current and maybe a little more wind towards the shore. This is exactly what GBR 780 did and was able to pass the leaders who stayed more in the middle. Grant Gordon explained “We thought that by gybing early we could get inside the leaders at the bottom gate so that we could be the first boat to sailed back towards the right side of the second upwind leg”. Good decision team “Louise” and many congratulations for winning the race.

Kites“Louise” arrives at the bottom gate ahead of “Desert Holly” after a good down wind leg.

Also very close to the leaders at this stage was TUR 1212 “Provezza”, who were keeping the pressure on the front two boats throughout the race. In fact on the third and final upwind leg they managed to pass GER 1162 to take 2nd place at the finish. Simon Fry told me “Although we wanted to go right up the final beat, we did not want to round the last gate in “dirty air” so we elected to take the right hand buoy. Then after a clear rounding we were able to tack onto port and keep upwind of the 2nd placed boat”.  This strategy worked well to give “Provezza” 2nd place.


2nd in race 2 of the Juan Carlos Trophy, Simon Fry, Ali Tezdiker & Andy Beadsworth.

Meanwhile the other 2 boats to sail an excellent race were HUG 57 and GBR 761 who always kept in touch of the leaders and stayed well ahead of the chasing pack.



It was always going to be close at the finish, but eventually HUN 57 just finished ahead of GBR 761 who had to settled for a deserved 5th.


5th in race 2 of the Juan Carlos Trophy, Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, Philip Catmur & Mark Hart.

So after 2 completed races the overall leaders are now GBR 758 “Fever” helmed by 2013 World Champion Klaus Diederichs. Early days, but still an excellent position to be in 🙂

LeadersGBR758Overall Leaders after 2 races counting a 4th and 6th place, “Fever” GBR 758.

Superb Photo’s from Ricardo Pinto…  Many thanks Ricordo!

Higher, Faster, Longer………………..   Stavros.


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MON 2 “Jeanie” Wins Race 1 in Cascais.

JC1stJens Rathsack, Tiago Marcelino & Diogo Pereira win Race 1 of the Juan Carlos Trophy.

Race 1 of the Juan Carlos Trophy began at 2pm yesterday (Thurs 6th April) with an Easterly wind of around 12 kts. Although the breeze had been stronger during the morning, with temperatures climbing to the mid 20’s, it was inevitable that the pressure would die away during the afternoon and it did just that..


The 45 boats get away first time with a clear line in almost perfect conditions in Cascais.

The river “Tagus” is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula and it empties into the Atlantic near Lisbon, so it was crucial to keep this in mind as the fleet made their way towards to top mark of the 2 mile beat. When the tide is going out from Lisbon it runs East to West so as the lead boats rounded mark one they had to be careful not to be dragged against both the windward buoy and the spreader mark. Although it was not such an issue on the first beat it would certainly play a big part in the second upwind leg as the breeze died away.

All the leaders at the top mark had come from the left side of the course, RUS 27, RUS 98, RUS 76 and RUS 35 were all in great shape as too was MON 2 helmed by Jens Rathsack. The fleet quickly spread on the first downwind leg as the current was now with the boats thus opening up the distance between them.


Mon 2 on the first downwind leg making the most of her advantage after a very good first beat.

The course was shortened a little on the second upwind to 1.7 miles as the wind began to drop, so the crucial decision had to made as to which gate mark to take? MON 2 chose the right hand gate to head back towards the shore whilst RUS 27 (Anatoly Loginov) elected to take the left gate. What happened in the next 30 minutes was not for the feint hearted as some of the leading boats simply ran out of pressure in the middle of the course. Initially the left looked strong again, then new pressure from the right changed everything, but the middle was a disaster.


Lawrie Smith GBR 801 made a nice gain from the new pressure on the right to finish 2nd.

Also having a good second beat was local sailor Jose Bello helming POR 40, who after rounding the bottom gate around 14th position, carefully kept in the right hand pressure to climb up to an impressive 3rd place as the race was shortened at the top mark.


3rd place went to POR 40 “Dragull” Jose Bello, Andre Caiado & Bernardo Torres Pego.

Meanwhile 2 other boats that held their nerve and continued in towards the left shore, following MON 2, was GBR 758 “Fever” Klaus Diederichs and JPN 50 “Yevis II” Bocci Aoyama. So although the right hand side pressure helped some boats, it was the left side of the course that eventually came strong again! Particularly as the final quarter towards the finish was against the building current flowing out of Lisbon.


4th place went to GBR 758 “Fever” Klaus Diederichs, Jamie Lea & Diego Negri.

Klaus Diederichs kept his confidence in the left side of the course to finish 4th closely followed by Bocci Aoyama who took a very pleasing 5th place…


5th in Race 1 was JPN 50 “Yevis II” Bocci Aoyama, Martin Payne & Norio Igei.

So there we have it….   Frustration for some, elation for others, that’s Yacht Racing 🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..      Stavros.  (JPN 50).


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“Provezza” are Match Race Champions

WinnerTURWinners of the 6th Stavros Match Race, Simon Fry, Ali Tezdiker & Andy Beadsworth.

In the end it all came down to just one boat length!

The final day began with a briefing to hand out the final “pairings” which gave every one of the 10 teams a chance to still win the 6th Stavros Match Race title.. First there was a “repechage” of the bottom 4 boats to see which 2 would join the top 6 seeds in the quarter-final. Then on a straight knock-out basis the winning quarter-finalists progressed into the semi-finals.

The surprise of the day was JPN 50 helmed by Bocci Aoyama who after finishing the “Round Robin” in 10th position, suddenly kicked into gear and not only beat Mihkel Kosk (Estonia seeded 7th) in the repechage but took out one of the favourites Henrique Anjos (Portugal seeded 2nd) to surge into the semi-finals.


A fantastic final day, 4th overall JPN 50 Norio Igel, Martin Payne & helm Bocci Aoyama 🙂

In 3rd place was Pedro Andrade who had sailed well with his Irish crew and just lost out to Andy Beadsworth in the “best of 3” semi-final.


3rd overall of the Stavros Match Race, Pedro Andrade, Jay Bourke & John Given.

So it was left to RUS 76 “Strange Little Girl” helmed by Dmitry Samokhin to fight former America’s Cup helm Andy Beadsworth for the title… and what a final it was. Dmitry drew first blood after an aggressive luff gave Andy a pre-start penalty, plus an additional 0.25 point deduction for “hard contact” so  Dmitry won the first race. However, not only did the sailing team “Provezza” win race two, but they then went onto win race three after completely dominating the starts… But this was still not enough as the rules state it’s the first boat to score 2 points. So with the “hard contact” penalty, Andy Beadsworth, Simon Fry and Ali Tezdiker were still only on 1.75 points….

StickerSo to decide the final a 4th race was sailed in a dying breeze at around 5.30pm. Again team “Provezza” had the upper hand on the pre-start to lead off the line and open up a comfortable advantage… However, on the final downwind leg to the finish the breeze began to drop completely giving Dmitry a chance to overtake… In fact he came from 50 metres behind to 30, then 10 and then 5.. and began to roll over Andy who was just inches from the finish.

Then as everyone held their breath and heartbeats quickened the experience of the Provezza sailing team pulled through and they crossed the line to take the title by just one boat length…


Having to settle for the runners up spot Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Alexsey Bushuev.

It was a fitting end to a great competition and last night all 10 teams enjoyed an excellent Prize Giving Dinner at O’Pescador in the heart of Cascais….

Many congratulations once again to TUR 1212 “Provezza” Andy, Simon & Ali

Higher, Faster, Longer……….     Stavros.

P.S.  My heartfelt thanks, as always, to Top Professional RICARDO PINTO for these wonderful photo’s…




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Match Racing, Day 2 in Cascais.

Henrique2011 winner Henrique Anjos fights hard in the pre-start with Klaus Diederichs.

The weather could not have been better as the 10 teams completed the “Round Robin” at the 6th Stavros Match Race event in Cascais. In pole position with 8 wins out of 9 races is TUR 1212 “Provezza” helmed by Andy Beadsworth. This former America’s Cup sailor put his opposition under a lot of pressure during the 4 minutes of pre-start manoeuvres.


8 wins out of 9 for “Provezza” Ali Tezdiker, Simon Fry and Andy Beadsworth.

Also showing great form is 2011 Match Race winner Henrique Anjos a local sailor who now lives in Dubai so sailing under the UAE flag. Henrique and his team of Denis Charvoz and Charles Nankin also ended the day with 8 wins but had a 0.25 penalty awarded against them for “contact” during a pre-start incident.


Another great photo from Ricardo Pinto, during Day 2 of the Stavros Match Race.

Next on the ranking list with 7 wins from 9 races is RUS 76 “Strange Little Girl”, helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, crewed by Alexsey Bushuev and Andrey Kirilyuk. This team are no strangers to close boat to boat racing having demonstrated their skills in Venice last year by winning the 2K team race event.


RUS 76, Dmitry Samokhin about to enter pre-start from the Pin End of the short line.

Now that the Round Robin has been completed the boats will be seeded 1 to 10 with the bottom 4 teams entering into a “repechage” to determine the last two quarter-finalists. The event then proceeds into a straight “knock-out” competition with semi-finals and a final consisting of the best of three matches. So theoretically anyone of the 10 teams could still win! But if I was to put my mortgage on it, I would anticipate the 2017 winner will come from one of these top 4 teams 🙂


Pedro Andrade helming his new boat “Monday”, currently ranked in 4th position.

The event Prize Giving this evening takes place in the famous Fish Restaurant O’Pescador…  I wonder which team will be the proud winners of the 2017 Stavros Match Race Dragon “Half Modal” Trophies superbly crafted at the Petticrows factory back in the UK….

20150407_182932 (640x360)

Higher, Faster, Longer………….   Stavros.


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Match Racing in Cascais…

RP170403_StavrosMR_1603Sailing Team “Provezza” are one of 4 teams with 3 out of 3 Wins after day 1 in Cascais.

10 teams from 7 different Nations are doing battle in Cascais to see who will win the 6th Stavros Match Race event in 2017. Perfect sunny conditions of 25 degrees and a Northerly 12 to 14 kts  wind the offered the Dragon Sailors a wonderful opportunity to sharpen up their boat handling skills as they battle against their opponents on a one to one basis… the ultimate challenge.

MiguelPrinciple “Umpire” Miguel Allen talks through the new Match Race “Rules” before racing.

RP170403_StavrosMR_1615Pieter Heerema returns to the Dragons after his successful “Vendee’ Globe experience.

The 4 teams all with 3 out of 3 wins are former America’s Cup helmsman Andy Beadsworth, Princess Sofia winner Patrick de Barros, 2011 Match Race Champion Henrique Anjos and the 2K Venice Team Race Champion Dmitry Samokhin. These 4 top sailors showed great skill and determination yesterday but will be up against each other today as the 15 flight “Round Robin” is completed.

BruceBruce Hebbert (one of the 6 experienced Umpires) awards a penalty during pre-start.

It will be interesting to see who else from the chasing pack steps up to the plate today as each team will race another 6 races before the seeding for the semi-finals will take place.


Dmitry Samokhin takes “control” of Mihkel Kosk during a pre-start…..

At 6pm the 10 teams returned to the Club Naval moorings to enjoy the traditional “Happy Hours” sponsored by Sailing Team Provezza”.  For some reason Petticrows owner Timothy Tavinor decided I should join him on the dance floor as the “Boys” from the Irish Bar O’Luains sang “It’s a Nightmare, nothing but a Nightmare”…. Tim said he’d had too much sun, I blame the Vodka…..


Higher, Faster, Longer……………    Stavros.

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Patrick Wins Princess Sofia in Palma.


POR 64 “Lady Tati” victorious Alvaro Marinho, Patrick de Barros (Helm) & Rodrigo Vantacich.

Patrick de Barros left Palma de Mallorca for “possibly” the final time at the weekend after competing in 38 Princess Sophia’s participating in Finn, Star and finally the Dragon Class. So it was even more pleasing for Patrick and his professional team of Olympian Alvaro Marinho and Rodrigo Vantacich, to leave with the prestigious Princess Sophia Trophy under his arm 🙂

It was great to see the Dragon Class back in Palma again and this all bodes well for the future as the Spanish Fleet look to enhance their new revitalised Winter Series.  Championship helmsman Patrick de Barros told me “The Local Fleet is growing and Frank Berg gave us a real fight. On two occasions we finished within one or two boat-lengths!”


Great to see the Dragons back in Palma de Mallorca again…at the Real Club Nautico.

2nd Overall was ESP 71 “Omni” helmed by Javier Scherk, crewed by Olympian Gustavo Lima with two young Ladies, Andrea & Tess. It is really good to see these young sailors enjoying themselves in the Dragon Class.


Runners Up Overall ESP 71 “Omni” Javier & Gustavo with Andrea Cornudella and Tess Provenzal.

3rd place overall was ESP 28 “Mr” helmed by Jorge Forteza, crewed by German Gil-Mendoza and Juan Galme’s.  German has been very instrumental in reviving the Dragon Class in Palma, so good luck in the future…..


3rd Overall ESP 28 “Mr”..  helmed by Jorge Forteza, with German Gil-Mendoza & Juan Galme’s.

With excellent Dragon Sailors like Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen and Frank Berg keeping boats in Palma, it won’t be long before the International Sailors will be back in force enjoying the wonderful conditions very soon….  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer……….     Stavros.






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