Another “Tough” Day in San Remo… Stavros.

Friday started with the wind again from the East blowing up to 30kts. So the PRO sensibly put up the AP Flag and we all sat ashore debating if the wind would drop as the day went on…  Some of us worked away on our boats and I for one am still searching for the correct “Mast Heel” position on the new Doomernik Dragon “Apollo”, as I am getting too much “weather helm” which I can tell you is hard going in a big sea and strong winds like we all are experiencing here in San Remo. Joop Doomernik asked me to “test” his latest all plastic boat and you could not get more testing conditions than these…  Lots of tired aching bodies only found relief last night when they crawled into bed and turned off the lights…zzzzzzzz..

On the racing front we sailed two more “hard” races and UKR 9 helmed by Evgeniy Braslavets won the first race to strengthen his overall lead, whilst GER 10 Vincie Hoesch took the second race.  The courses were not as long as on Thursday, indeed many sailors were caught out in their battle to “dig deeper” into the left shore in race two, which saw them overstand the windward marks. I can tell you first hand that aproaching the fleet on port with starboard gybed spinnakers, rolling and already set, coming straight at you reminds me of that “Brown Trousers” joke…  But that can wait for another time…   🙂

Before I close today and climb into my damp, salty sailing gear, I would remind all readers of my “Blog” that my reports only tell it as I see it..  So whilst I really appreciate numerous very positive feedback from 99% of you out there…  I did not mean to be crtical yesterday of the imfamous “Coach Boats”… But, as Ron James (GBR 633) said to me yesterday after I had been questioned by one of the Ukraine Team Memebers “If Coach Boats don’t make any difference, why do they have them ?” wise words from a very wise man……..

Higher, Faster, Longer……       Stavros.  (NED 410)

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  1. Malcolm Green says:

    With regard to Coach boats, I do recall once seeing in Sailing Instructions a requirement that coach boats remained out of the sailing area and to leeward of a line Xm to leeward of the start line and /or leeward mark during racing. In that position they are still able to access the boats they service between races and their ability to have any other influence on information of help in the sailing area is much reduced. Perhaps such an instruction could be introduced to Dragon events to avoid any suggestion of Coach boats making more difference than a tow out, tow back and somewhere to store the sails and sandwiches.

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