The “Man” shines again in La Baule…..

Just over 11 years ago I & Jeremy Jordan crewed for Poul-Richard in La Baule’s first Dragon Derby…  And we won!!! Since then so many Dragon sailors have had the opportunity to experience the superb flat water sailing area. Sample many of the local delicacies at the numerous restaurants and drink with some of the most hospitable and friendly bunch of helpers and volunteers ever assembled…  Loads of laughs and lots of fun… I miss you all……

However, as I relax before my next 4 back to back regatta’s, I have the following from the most reliable of sources! Poul-Richard is back, well to be honest “THE MAN” never ever went away, although Sophia and PR now live in Antigua, PR will never stop sailing, tuning, listening, thinking, improvising, discovering and preparing for his next event. From the biggest racing yachts with 15-20 crew, to the plain old simple Dragon, the “Man” is always on the pace.. He walks on water, his past victories will never be surpassed and even though he has two Irish Geriatrics as crew, he is now leading overall in La Baule, by 12 points with only one or two races to go in his new GBR 765…  

Lets us not forget the other competitors of this 43 boat fleet, the first I would like to mention is the team in 2nd place overall, fresh from taking the French Championship Title in Deauville, Remy Arnaud FRA 396. Sailing with his Son Herald & friend Guillaume Joubert, Remy is continuing to apply the pressure with his ever consistent sailing. Right behind them in 3rd place overall is our very own GBR 761 Gavia..  This week sailing with Mark Hart and my  friend Lars Wegener, they are very much in the hunt after recording a very good day today….  Well done.

So without any further knowledge other than it probably is an early start tomorrow and one or two races… We will all have to wait and see who lifts this years crown in the superbly situated La Baule.    Can anyone beat the “Man” ?

I’ll be back next year…….          Higher, Faster, Longer……….     STAVROS.

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