Stefan Winberg Wins in Cascais….

RP_141207_CDWS2S_1094 (640x426)“STILL CRAZY” SWE 385 powers to windward in Cascais to Win 2nd Winter Series…

19 Dragons participated in the 2nd Winter Series in Cascais over the weekend Dec 5th-7th under a balmy sun with blue skies and medium to light wind conditions. As in Cannes the first day was lost, but this time  due to the lack of wind, whilst Cannes had too much !!

However, Saturday and Sunday gave the competitors some excellent sailing conditions and now “Local” helmsman Stefan Winberg won the event in his “Still Crazy” SWE 385 crewed by Markus Lagerquist and local 49er Olympic Sailor Bernardo Freitas. This team put together a very consistent series despite recording an OCS in the final race….


RUS 76, (Light Blue Spinnaker), helmed by Dmitry Samokhin finished 2nd overall.

In 2nd place overall was RUS 76 “Strange Little Girl” helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, crewed by Andrey Kirilyuk and Aleksey Bushuev who continue to maintain their form after winning series 1.  Another top team showing great consistency is HUN 57 “Luca” who repeated their first event position of 3rd overall. This team helmed by Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi and crewed by Karoly Vezer and Tamas Kiss had a great showing at the last Worlds in Weymouth and will be one of the favourites to do well in La Rochelle.

RP_141207_CDWS2S_1242 (640x426)                      3rd Overall the team from HUN 57, Ferenc, Karoly and Tamas.

The Corinthian Winner was POR 57 “Whisper” helmed by Mario Quina and crewed by Pedro Costa and Fernando Passeiro.  Mario has been racing Dragons in Cascais for many years and like all the other competitors his team enjoyed the usual apres “Food & Wine” served on the Club’s Terrace Bar over looking the Marina and “swing” Moorings right beside this magnificent Yacht Club.

RP_141207_CDWS2S_1248 (640x426)Corinthian Winners of the 2nd Cascais Winter Series, Fernando, Mario and Pedro.

At the Prize Giving, Club President Jose’ Matoso congratulated all the prize winners and invited more sailors to join the fun down in sunny Portugal in 2015. With another 6 – 8 boats arriving in January the 3rd Winter Series over the weekend of Jan 16th to 18th should see at least 30 boats on the start line…


The Dragons at rest in Cascais…  why not come and join us in 2015…..

Higher, Faster, Longer………………..    Stavros.

p.s.   Thanks once again to RICARDO PINTO for these excellent photo’s…visit his web site!


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FIN 83 “Lisa” Wins the Coupe d’Hiver in Cannes….

20141207_182324 (640x360)Calle Lindfords, Jouko Lindren (helm) and Hendrik Andersen Winners of Coupe d’Hiver.

23 boats participated in this years final event in Cannes, the Coupe d’Hiver over this first weekend in Dec. We had a complete mixture of weather with a 30 kt wind on Friday seeing all racing cancelled, followed by three great races on Saturday and one light wind race yesterday (Sun).

Olympic Helmsman Jouko Lindgren helmed FIN 83 “Lisa” extremely well & consistently to record three 2nd places on the Saturday which was enough to see him and his team of Lindfords Calle and Hendrik Andersen take the trophy. Jouko won an Olympic Medal back in “Tallin” 1980 and also won the opening race in this years European Championships in San Remo back in March. When I interviewed Jouko back in March at the Europeans he told me they only tacked once on each beat, well here they tacked twice so I hope that did not upset his rhythm too much….  :-)

In 2nd place overall was FIN 85 “Thouban” helmed by Christian Borenius and crewed by Richard Pernici and Chris Winter. At this event there is also an overall Trophy presented by Gavia for the best team without discard, this was also won by Christian and his team, pictured below.

20141207_181813         Runners Up FIN 85 Christian Borensen, Richard Pernici and Chris Winter.

In 3rd place overall was GBR 761 “Jerboa” helmed by Gavia Wilkinson-Cox and crewed by Mark Hart and Charlie Cruise who by winning the final race yesterday, just beat SWE 372 “Dancing Queen” on count back. However, Johan Larson crewed by his wife Catharina and local expert Partick Aucour sailed a very good regatta and were rewarded with 3rd place overall without discard. So well done to all the above teams, a nice way to finish the season.

In closing I would like to thank the PRO Jerome Nutte who managed to complete 4 races over this “testing” weekend and give the competitors as much sailing time as was possible despite some “mixed” weather conditions. The hard working staff and helpers at the Yacht Club de Cannes, led by Karine Grene’ really did a great job to get all the boats quickly out of the water and ready for the Prize Giving co-ordinated by President Jean Pierre Gailes. 

Jean Pierre invited everyone back for the Ski-Vole in January next year and also advised all of us to register early for the first Grade 1 of the year, the Cannes Grand Prix which will take place in February..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..     Stavros.    (GBR 585).

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Cannes or Cascais in December ??

20140226_182233 (640x360) (2)Cannes will be On Fire again next weekend.  So will be Cascais, we are spoilt for choice !!

Bandeira_CNC.novomastro (480x640)The Club Naval de Cascais proudly fly their club flag on the new pole outside of the Marina

So here we are fellow Dragon Sailors, just one more weekend of racing in December to go! I am told there will be around 40 boats fighting it out in Cannes for the Coupe d’Hiver 5th to 7th Dec… Whilst 20 to 30 boats will be competing in the 2nd winter series regatta in Cascais, Portugal.  It is unfortunate the two events clash this year, but a weekend later is simply getting too close to Xmas and Family Holidays, so the dates are as they are…..

I personally will be visiting Cascais next week to prepare two of my boats for the winter, but then flying across to Nice on Thursday to compete in the Cannes event. This will be my 32nd regatta of the year (with all that practice you would think I should be better :-) and I hope you have all enjoyed my blog’s in which I have tried to keep you all entertained but also up to date with everything that goes on at these wonderful events…

I will do my best to cover both of these event’s and look forward to ending the year in style….

Higher, Faster, Longer…………………..   Stavros.

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Dmitry Samokhin Wins 1st Cascais Series.

facebook_1416214847223Winners….RUS 76 helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, with Aleksey Bushuev & Andrey Kirilyuk.

With a flat calm day and no sign of wind yesterday, the Club Naval de Cascais had to cancel any hope of adding more races to their exciting 1st Winter Series event. No doubt some of the crews were relieved not to be sailing in such tough conditions as was served up over the weekend.

Overall winner Dmitry Samokhin told me “It’s great to sail here-Cascais has shown once again that it’s a ‘no nonsense’ venue :-) I guess at some moments, in the squalls, it was 35kts of wind”….  It was one of these squalls that unfortunately caught GER 1123 “Pow Wow” helmed by Michael Zankel, crewed by Phillip Blinn and Pedro Andrade, by surprise and they “Chinese Gybed”, this amazing photo below shows Pow Wow just before trouble hit!

.facebook_1416214996274With Spinnaker up, Pow Wow begins to roll to windward, during a wind squall in Cascais.

RP_141115_CDWS_4180 (640x428)After the gybe, Pow Wow comes up full of water, as the spinnaker continues to pull sideways.

RP_141115_CDWS_8340 (640x426)Phill pumps out & Michael battle’s to get the water out, whilst Pedro recovers the Spinnaker….

Back to the prizes and in 2nd place overall was Local Helm Alvaro Marinho.

RP_141116_CDWS_8370 (640x426)POR 64 Alvaro Marinho, Diago Barros & Rodrigo Vantacich receive their runners up prize from President, Jose Matoso.

In 3rd place overall was HUN 57 helmed by Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi..

RP_141116_CDWS_8367 (640x426)

HUN 57 Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi with his team Karoly and Tamas take 3rd place overall.

The next Winter Series in Cascais is on the first week in December, which unfortunately clashes with the Coupe d’Hiver in Cannes. However, I’m sure both events will be very well attended to round off a wonderful year of Dragon Sailing…  Then we have 2015 to come…  and what a year that will be……….

All these amazing photo’s were taken by Top Professional Ricardo Pinto…  Visit his fantastic web site for more action shots taken at the very highest level.

Higher, Faster, Longer……………    Stavros…


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RUS 76 leads in Cascais….

RP_141114_CDWS_7311Dmitry Samokhin surf’s “Strange Little Girl” RUS 76 down the big waves in Cascais..

A record number of 24 boats have gathered for the first winter series weekend in Cascais, Portugal, to enjoy tough but exhilarating conditions. Coping best with the sea and strong winds so far is the team from RUS 76 helmed by Dmitry Samokhin and crewed by Aleksey  Bushuev  and Andrey Kirilyuk. They have sailed consistently well despite some “hair-raising” moments which saw one of the German boats sink yesterday during a very nasty squall. I’m pleased to report that all the crew are safe and it is hoped to find and recover the boat today….

In 2nd place overall at the moment is Local Professional Alvaro Marinho who is helming POR 64 on behalf of Patrick de Barros. Whilst currently in 3rd place is the popular team from Hungary, helmed by Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi.

RP_141114_CDWS_7815 (640x426)HUN 57 Helmed by Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi with Karoly & Tamas “Power” upwind in Cascais.

Today looks like being less breezy and nicer conditions for the rest of the fleet to enjoy. With more boats travelling down to Portugal this winter, it looks like being another “Terrific” programme at the Club Naval. Up to 40 boats are expected to be racing after Xmas and with the Grade 1 Juan Carlos Trophy in April, preceded by the 4th Stavros Match Race Championship, Cascais looks like being one of the “busy” places to sail this winter……………

RP_141114_CDWS_7463 (640x360) The “back-drop” of the old town of Cascais makes an excellent picture as the fleet start yesterday…

I would like to thank Top Professional Photographer, Ricardo Pinto for these great pictures, make sure you visit his web site to see the other 300 photo’s !


Higher, Faster, Longer………………..  Stavros.

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Coupe de Armistice in Cannes……

Winner’s RUS 27 “Anapurna”  Alexander Shalagin, Anatoly Loginov & Vadim Stetsenko..

36 boats took part over the weekend in the traditional “Coupe de Armistice” in Cannes, opening the winter season for many excited travelling sailors for another year. On the Friday and Saturday, the weather was filled with glorious sunshine all day but not so much wind. Then on Sunday the skies turned grey and down came the rain and in came the wind which made it a very interesting series of 4 races, with 3 to count.

In fact there were 4 different race winners which proved how difficult the conditions were at times for this “Star” studded fleet. In race one, which was sailed on Friday afternoon in the west bay, PRO Philippe Faure successfully got the fleet away under a black flag and it was RUS 98 who managed to play the shift’s correctly as neither the left or the right side was favoured. Indeed Igor Goikhberg helmed “Zenith” beautifully to keep his lead and won the race with the help of his crew Dmitry Berezkin and Roman Sadchcov.

In race two that took place in the bay of Golf Juan on Saturday, just around the corner from Yacht Club de Cannes, it was FRA 380 “Pas de Cartier” helmed by Vicent Jeantet , crewed by his wife Brigitte and Alain Bertrand, who sailed brilliantly to gain a good lead at the first mark and keep his advantage to take the winners gun. It was an even more remarkable win for Vicent, who just 3 weeks ago was having a “Stent” put into his Coronary Artery ! So this has obviously given Vicent renewed energy and enthusiasm :-)

Although it was impossible to get more than one race completed on Saturday, the event was saved by some of the most exciting sailing ever in Cannes with a 20 to 22 kt breeze on Sunday. With the first race won by ITA 56 “Cloud” helmed by Giuseppe Duca, crewed by Jean Sebastien Ponce and Vittorio Zaoli and the second race won by GBR 789 “Bear”, Martin Payne, Olivier Bakker and Gillian Hamilton, the overall positions were to be decided by the consistent sailing of the top two boats…    GBR 785 “Alfie” helmed by Lawrie Smith and RUS 27 “Anapurna” helmed by Anatoly Loginov.

Both Duca and Payne had shown great speed particularly on the downwind legs surfing the huge waves to comfortably win their races, but it was RUS 27 who just managed to hold out and beat GBR 785 overall by one point after discard. This left Lawrie and his team of Simon Stewart and Joost Houweling as very creditable runner’s up. RUS 98 finished well to take the final podium position.

Podium_Armistice_Cup_2014 (640x359)Overall Prize Winners of the Armistice Cup in Cannes.  Photo by Karine Green.

The photo shows Lawrie and his team centre, with Anatoly’s team left and Igor’s crew on the right.  Unfortunately both Anatoly and Igor were not present. So in closing it was another successful regatta held by the Yacht Club de Cannes and we all now look forward to the “Coupe d’ Hiver”. We sailors thank Karine Green and Jean Pierre Gailes with all their helpers for running such a nice regatta and I am sure we will have another good turn out in December………..5th, 6th & & 7th.

Higher, Faster, Longer…………    Stavros. GBR 789 “Bear”.






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Lars Hendriksen and Lawrie Smith in Cannes…

Winner of the 2014 Dragon d’Or, Lars Hendriksen and runner up Lawrie Smith, are presented with their trophies by President, Jean Pierre Gailes at the Yacht Club de Cannes..

Over 500 boats participated this year and the scores were taken from 14 of the top events. Full details of the Armisitice Cup and more photo’s to come…….

Higher, Faster, Longer………………  Stavros.

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Hombre’ Wins in Cazaux….

20141102_161020 (640x360)Martin Payne, Jan Bakker and Dominic Bakker winner’s of Cazaux with PRO Yves Leglise..

With World Championship qualifying points available for the French Fleet, it was always going to be a hard fought event for the 21 boat fleet that arrived on Lac Cazaux this weekend.  With three top quality visiting teams the regatta was set for some exciting racing, all that was required was wind……….

At the end of the 4 days the PRO Yves Leglise managed some how to complete 5 races despite losing a full day on Thursday through lack of wind…. The overall winners were GBR 769 HOMBRE’ (Yours truly) with Jan Bakker and his son Dominic… It was a tough series and 2nd placed overall Luc Pillot helming FRA 386 “Lady Jane” crewed by Jean Claude Danet and Christian Deredec were always choosing the correct side of the beats and sailing fast down wind. Likewise FRA 396 “Legend” helmed by Remy Arnaud and crewed by his Son Henry and Pascal Civel, sailed some super races showing great speed on the flat water and always looked purposeful in taking 3rd overall.

Yes for sure fellow sailors both Luc and Remy will be among the favourites in La Rochelle next June. So will FRA 405 helmed by Philippe Presti who finished 5th overall, despite an OCS in race one, he too will be a “Force” in La Rochelle………. Lets face it, as Philippe was one of the coaches on the winning America’s Cup “Team Oracle” he must be a challenger for the World Title….  The French Fleet look hot and are sailing fast……….. 4th Place overall were our “Petticows” owner, Tim Tavinor, crewed by Thomas and Nicola Wilton….

In closing a very special mention must go to the Helpers and Volunteers of Cazaux..   With a variety of top food from the region served every night, accompanied by a variety of local wines, it was, as usual a most sociable and fun regatta to be part of. It is a small club with a “Big” heart and I urge you all to support this event next year to join in the fun & festivities at this late stage of the year…

Higher, Faster, Longer……….  Stavros.  (GBR 769).





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Jill will be Greatly Missed…..

20141025_215027 (640x360)Our brilliant  IDA “behind the scenes” Assistant Secretary, Jill Hayward retires after 16 years..

It was all change at the recent IDA “AGM” as various retirements and positional changes took place. But none will be felt more within the IDA than losing Jill Hayward who has been most instrumental in the successful running of the class for the past 16 years.  Her organisational and communicational skills have been second to none and we will all miss Jill now that she has decided to call it a day due to health reasons. We all wish you a happy and peaceful retirement Jill, enjoy life to the full and be happy…

One of the other “significant” changes was our long serving Treasurer, Andrew Craig, has decided to call it a day after devoting 20 years of his life and precious time to the IDA. Over the years Andrew, who is also an excellent helmsman, has kept the “books” in perfect order and has always managed to maintain a small but sensible balance at the end of our financial year. We will miss you Andrew but now we hope to see you sailing a little more at the big events. Thank you also for your kinds words and appreciation of my 676 “Blogs” written to date, on the IDA web site, in which I try to keep our web site alive and kicking.  It’s nice to be appreciated and acknowledge within some ranks of the IDA Officers and Committee….

In closing it was nice to welcome our President H.M. King Constantine to the Dinner held at the Army and Navy Club in Pall Mall. After entertaining us all with some very humorous and well versed stories he was pleased to congratulated Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen as a newly elected Vice President. “The Man” Poul-Richard, now joins Christopher Dicker and our two Royal Danish Vice Presidents, H.R.H. Prince Henrik and H.R.H. Crown Prince Henrik.  No one has done more for the International Dragon Class than Poul-Richard, in fact I would not be writing this blog if it were not for Poul-Richard. We, I and the Class owe him a great deal, long live “The Man”…

Higher, Longer, Faster…………..     Stavros.  IDA Sailing Co-ordinator.



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The Italians do the “Job”….. Just!

WINNERS…ITA 54  Jean-Sebastian Ponce, Giuseppe Duca (Helm) and Vittorio Zaoli..

It was a very good last day in St Tropez for the 32 boat fleet as a “Sea-breeze” wind eventually arrive in time for the PRO to squeeze in one final race before the cut-off time of a 2pm start. Looking up the course the pressure looked equal on both sides, however those sailors that elected to start at the committee boat and go “hard” right proved the winners. GBR 633 Ron James with “North Sails” tactician Nigel Young, were quick out of the blocks and were first to the right corner, this gave them an easy victory and this beautiful “Borresen” Cold Moulded Dragon moved up to 8th overall..

Meanwhile the two overnight leaders ITA 54 and GBR 761 were caught out over on the left and in the end both Giuseppe and Gavia recorded one of their worst scores so the Overall Championship went to the Italian Team on count-back..  Yes fellow sailors after a total of nine races & two discards it came down to equal points, but the Italian Team had more 1st places…

10712927_334232200082104_6876927150592745859_n (2)Runner’s Up, Team “Jerboa” GBR 761 Mark Hart, Nick Hartshorn & Gavia Wilkinson-Cox.

I was speaking to Mark Hart the tactician on Gavia’s boat and he said “Although we were in less pressure on the left side of the course, it still looked ok until the final tack. We obviously had our eyes on the Italian boat and for a moment it look like we could just sneak into a winning position. However, we were a little unlucky on the second beat and it was not to be”. Never the less Mark, you and Team Jerboa have sailed a brilliant regatta, well done my friend.

10647124_334232306748760_4816705366966560755_n (2)In 3rd place overall were FRA 412 “Irina” Pierric Bourbin, Morvan Bourbin & Marc Bouet.

In 3rd place overall was FRA 412 owned and crewed by Morvan & Pierric Bourbin and helmed by French “Legend” Marc Bouet. This is a new team into the Dragon Class and have already shown they will be one of the favourites for the Worlds next year in La Rochelle. Well done.

In closing I would like to thank the SNST and all it’s members and volunteers for putting on an excellent regatta. This was a very successful 11th “Edition” of the Dragon St Tropez and I’m sure many sailors are already looking forward to next years event. With the weather we have enjoyed this week St Tropez showed herself at her very best, sailing in short’s and T shirts and completing a 9 race series, what else would a Dragon Sailor ask for…..

Higher, Faster, Longer……………….   Stavros.  (USA 310). 



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