The “Italian Job” …

The Italian Circuit is in full swing with already 2 great events first in San Remo, then Alassio (above).
Here is a round up from Tatiana that should “wet” the appetite¬†of Dragon Sailors all over Europe ūüôā

Dragon’s Bella Vita in Italy

A week ahead of one of the major events of the international Dragon‚Äôs calendar this year, the European Championship in Hungary, we believe it is a good time to flashback on Dragon life on one of the most charming sailing Riviera’s in the Med – our beloved Ligurian coast.

Yes, we would like to look back and pay tribute to the extraordinary hospitality we have already experienced in San Remo and Alassio this spring and anticipate the upcoming events in Imperia in June and the culmination of this Italian circuit – the Grand Prix San Remo in September.

For many of us, San Remo has been a fixed date within the past years, and the proud number of 40 entries this year just proved one more time that it is every single time worth returning to this town of flowers. You cannot help feeling that Dragons are more than welcome here… everybody is doing their utmost, starting from the registration desk with Antonella, Lilly and Tatiana, continuing with PRO Fulvio Parodi on PRC boat on the water and Beppe Zaoli, the President of the Club himself, taking care of setting of the weather mark ( how often do you see a President of the Club taking it so personally??), Umberto addressing all the needs of the participants and managing all the challenges that come up… and, of course, the words of glory would not be complete without paying tribute to the awesome food of Jimmy and hospitality of Adriana. You have to confess: when you come to San Remo, you feel as if you were back home, sweet home!

Tatiana & Lilly make sure everything runs smoothly with their superb organisational skills (photo from San Remo).

While all is clear what we expect and get from San Remo, Alassio appeared to be a hidden jewel – a tent of a club, very slim organizing team around Ennio Polzano ‚Ķ But what an event!!!‚Ķ. Impeccable race¬†management on the water by PRO Maurizio Buscemi in extreme weather conditions, conducting fair racing and completed a sound series. Onshore hospitality of Enzio with focaccia and frizzantino in the morning and unbelievable Apericena ( a word we all should integrate into our active lexicon: Aperi- Aperitiv & Cena-Dinner) ‚Ķ lots and lots of delicious food, open bar with tap beer, wine, spumante and prosecco and open-end cocktails with fair portion of ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ liquid inside‚Ķ a lottery!! Where almost no team went home without a lottery win‚Ķ ‚Ķ and last but not least‚Ķ have you seen Alassio‚Äôs entry list and final results??? The Creme de la Creme of our fleet were fighting hard for the podium. There were not so many entries, but the top of the international ranking were all there‚Ķ One more reason to return to Alassio next year, for sure.

Many of the best sailors in the World enjoyed Alassio and will soon be returning to more Italian events.

Now, I would like to draw your attention to two more events ahead of us this year to take part on the Ligurian coast.   First of the two is the Italian…. in Imperia mid-June, 15-17.06. I know, for those of you who participate in Europeans and then continue to GP in Denmark this might appear to be out of the way. The Organizers are already aware of not perfect timing of the event and promised to offer a much better matching schedule for the next year. However, for those of you who has not decided yet, or is either not going up north or eager to come back Рthe Yacht Club Imperia is promising to do it its utmost not to let you regret your decision… so, with some time still to fix your racing plans, have a breath and have a thought about Imperia РItalian Riviera in June is just a crown jewel of coastal racing combined with Bella Vita ashore.

Last, but not least, and in fact¬†our major focus of attention – the final¬†IDA Grade 1¬†Grand Prix in San Remo in September. The Organisers have fine tuned the schedule, placing registration on September 11&12 and racing, as initially quoted in IDA calendar, 13-16 September. I suggest, you better go and book your apartment without delay so you can secure your accommodation next to your favourite restaurant). For those of you, who were not part of the spring event in San Remo it would be interesting to get aware of the special prize that will be awarded among those participating in both Grand Prix San Remo and Regates Royal. This is a mutual initiative of the clubs, focused at attracting as many entries as possible and being aware of the proximity of the dates that were assigned by IDA to GP for the reason of very busy calendar this year. With live tweets from the race course, videos from starting and finish lines as well as all mark rounding’s, accompanied by perfect photo coverage the event will be easiest to follow for your dearest at home and ashore. Social events are planned at extent and much thought and creativity are invested now by the Organisers to enlighten the participants with some new, even more attractive highlights of the social programme ashore.

So, do not hesitate, just click on the link¬†of the¬†IDA calendar to register for the upcoming events to catch your bit of Italian Bella Vita….

Tatiana¬†with a little help from Stavros.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ūüôā

Tatiana Kurbatova Lueders
+7 9258091342
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skype: sail470-731

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Swedish Success in Skovshoved, Denmark.

Top of the class for Martin Palsson, Goran Alm & Thomas Wallenfeldt. SWE 375.

SWE 375 helmed by Martin Palsson has thrown down the gauntlet to all comers who intend to take part in the next IDA Grade 1 event in Copenhagen, Denmark. With his Swedish team of Goran Alm and Thomas Wallenfeldt, they have taken on the best Danish Sailors and beat them in their own back yard!¬† Martin and his team can now add their Danish National Title to the Swedish Title won last August and the Norwegian Title won in September…¬† So definitely the top Scandinavian Team with all three National Titles! Well done SWE 375 a fantastic achievement.

With 18 boats competing over the May weekend of 11th-13th at the Skovshoved Sejlklub it was DEN 410 Jens Christensen with Thomas Schmidt & Andy Baggers who took 2nd place, followed by DEN 332 David Holm, Bo Selko & Jesper Baunsgaard in 3rd. (See Podium Photo).

The famous “Little Mermaid” sits by the waterside near the promenade of Copenhagen.

This iconic bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen will be there to greet all Dragon sailors who are taking part in the Grand Prix of Denmark, combined with the famous Marblehead Trophy, 27th June to 1st July.

Regatta Manager Mik Jensen has informed me that already there are 31 boats registered from 10 different Nations. The Dragor Sejlklub combined with the Dansk Sejlklub will host this prestigious event on great sailing waters just 10mins from Copenhagen Airport..

Principle organiser Thomas Schmidt told me “We still need a few more entries to meet our goal set at 40 boats, but I am sure we will get there”.¬† That would be fantastic Thomas, as we have seen 43 boats in Cannes followed by 40 entries in the recent Douarnenez Grand Prix.¬† So calling all Dragon Sailors, why not make the trip to Copenhagen and make this a Danish Grand Prix & Marblehead Trophy to remember !!

Higher, Faster, Longer………..¬†¬†¬† Stavros.¬†¬† (I will be joining PRO Kim Elmegaard¬†on the Committee Boat).



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Final Day of Guyader Grand Prix…

The World Champions, TUR 1212 “Provezza” win Guyader Grand Prix. Simon Fry, Andy Beadsworth & Ali Tezdicker.

The final day of the 2018¬†Douarnenez Grade 1 Grand Prix, sponsored by Guyader, saw the¬†40 Dragons¬†quietly¬†trickle out of¬†the town Marina in sunshine¬†with¬†a slight southerly breeze.¬† By the time the first race (race 6) got underway,¬†the breeze¬†seemed more settled with normal oscillations that you expect with wind coming from the land. The three main overall contenders, TUR 1212, NED 412 & GBR 819 all rounded the¬†top mark in good shape. But as the wind dropped on the downwind leg NED 412 gained an advantage¬†with skilful measured gybing.¬†This allowed NED 412 to¬†round the left hand gate¬†looking¬†for new pressure¬†which tactician Lars Hendriksen hoped would come¬†from the west,¬†TUR 1212¬†also elected to favour the right side¬†in hot pursuit. Meanwhile GBR 819 Klaus Diederichs¬† looked “strong” on the left side of the¬†second upwind after rounding the right hand gate and could¬†now almost touch the¬†shortened course¬†finish only metres away. But…¬†¬†as the southerly wind completely died¬†the right side became the place to be, so it was Pieter Heerema who took the win, TUR 1212 Andy Beadsworth¬†finished 3rd and GBR 819 Klaus Diederichs¬†5th…

NED 412 “Troika” Pieter Heerema, Lars Hendriksen & George Leonchuk win Race 6, but had to settle for 3rd overall.

This set of results¬†saw TUR 1212 and NED 412 tied on¬†9pts¬†with GBR 819 5pts further back. As the current World Champions only¬†had a 4th place discard, it meant Klaus Diederichs could no longer¬†catch them overall even¬†by winning¬†the final race.¬†So¬†now that Pieter Heerema was the only threat, you could¬†be sure Andy Beadsworth would be¬†giving the Dutch Skipper his full “Americas Cup” Match Race attention. In simple terms, if TUR 1212 could¬†prevent NED 412¬†finishing in¬†the top 4 the Grand Prix title was theirs and that is exactly what happened…¬†¬† Meanwhile, the 7th and final race was all out tussle between FRA 207, GBR 585 and in the end GER 1162, with the latter, Stefan Link eventually taking the win.

GER 1162 “Desert Holly” Stephan Link, Frank Butzmann & Michi Lip win race 7.

With Pieter Heerema receiving such heavy cover from Andy Beadsworth, there was a danger that the Dutch Sailor¬†could also lose 2nd overall as his¬†BFD discard meant¬†his final race position had to count. In the end when the Provezza team finally did call time on their¬†tactical approach it was too late for NED 412 to fully recover¬†allowing¬†GBR 819 Klaus Diederichs¬†to jump¬†into the runner’s up spot by just 1pt!

2nd Overall GBR819 “Fever”¬† Jamie Lea, Diego Negri and helm Klaus Diederichs.

RUS 76 was still “Rocknrolling” into 4th overall and¬†Princess Sofia winner¬†Otto Pohlmann helming his newly purchased PCT Dragon GER 1205¬†finished a very creditable 5th place.¬† An excellent result considering Otto elected to take a considerable break from sailing of around 30 years!

RUS 76 Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Alexey Bushuev “RocknRolla” into 4th overall.

GER 1205 Otto Pohlmann, Markus Koy & Hugo Rocha, a respectable 5th place overall.

It is also great to see “Family” members coming into the Dragon Class and following in¬†Philip &¬†Nicola Dohse¬†footsteps is their son Max, helming GER 1203 “Rocco’s” crewed by his fellow Corinthian friends Rasmus Nielsen, Thomas Dehler¬†¬†& Simon Klass.¬† This young team worked well together and always brought a smile to the race course. ūüôā

Top Corinthians GER 1203¬† Max Dohse, Simon Klass, Thomas Dehler & Rasmus Nielsen. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† When Max and his team were awarded the Corinthian Prize, he did mention that in fact his Father’s team GER 1151 (who finished 7th overall) were also Corinthian but had failed to register this fact! Don’t worry Max, as we get older our memories start to cloud a little…..¬† So many congratulations to you and your team, may it be the first of many.

So there we have it fellow sailors and Dragon enthusiasts, another action packed IDA Grade 1 event over in this extremely popular town of Douarnenez. Many thanks to main sponsor Christian Guyader and¬†to all the helpers &¬†volunteers led by Delphine Largenton of the Societe’ des Regates de Douarnenez (S.R.D.).¬† We all look forward to coming back in 2019……

I would also like to thank Francois Van Malleghem for allowing me to use many of his excellent photos..

Higher, Faster, Longer………¬†¬†¬† Stavros.¬†¬† (GBR 585).






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Provezza “Perform” in Douarnenez

        Two wins for TUR 1212 on Thursday move the current World Champions to the top!

With a total of 5 races sailed so far it is the experienced “Provezza” team helmed by Andy Beadsworth, crewed by Simon Fry and Ali Tezdiker who hold a slight advantage at the Guyader Grand Prix in Douarnenez.

Relishing the superb conditions of 10 to 12 knots with a blue sky and rolling westerly waves, this professional team won back to back races after solid “Pin End” starts to go into the final day with a 2 point lead.

Close racing at the top mark as every team battle for an advantage at this Grade 1 event.

In second place overall is GBR 819 “Fever” helmed by Klaus Diederichs who is also enjoying sailing his new Petticrows V6 in the perfect Douarnenez conditions. In third place, on equal points, is Dutch Sailor Pieter Heerema who continues to impress in his beautifully restored Pedersen & Thuessen Dragon. It would be silly to bet against one of these top 3 teams lifting the trophy at the end of the day as the fourth placed boat is a further 9 points behind.¬† However, with two races scheduled for this final day, anything could and probably will happen!

Lady Helm Gavia Wilkinson-Cox sailing with Petticrows owner Tim Tavinor & Mark Hart.

Last night the 40 teams enjoyed a fantastic Gala Dinner sponsored by Christian Guyader who was thanked by our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov. The highlight of the evening saw Louis Urvois wife Kersti given a small token of appreciation for keeping the Douarnenez legacy alive….¬† Long may it continue…

Higher, Faster, Longer……. ¬† Stavros.

p.s   Many thanks to photographer Francois Van Malleghem for these excellent images.


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Diederichs Delights in Douarnenez

Sweet Success for Diego & Jamie  in DZ.

This year’s grade one Douarnenez Grand Prix, sponsored by Guyader sees Klaus Diederichs and his Fever Team of Diego Negri and Jamie Lea at the top of the leader board after three races. Conditions thus far have been tricky to say the least. Clouds, shifts and pressure difference have all played a big influence on the race course. After three intensive races it is clear that to win in DZ the top team will need to have sailed an impeccable regatta.


Race one sailed in 7-11 knots in West-North West wind in poor visibility saw ‚ÄėGeorge Clooney‚Äô local hero Fred Gourlaouen lead at the top mark (viva la France). Tricky and streaky breeze on the run meant that place changing was inevitable. At the finish Klaus Diederichs headed the fleet from Pieter Heerema, and Andy Beathworths in third.


The second day of racing saw the fleet in difficult conditions with a pulsating breeze from 285 degrees. At the top mark it was almost as though the fleet were linked  by a Pig&Hen bracelet. Provezza Dragon went on to win with Troika (Pieter Heerema) in second and Fever (Klaus Diederichs) in third.


In the third race Provezza Dragon were leading at the first windward mark only to see their good work upwind overcome by Klaus Diederichs and Pieter Heerema downwind. As the race unfolded a fourway battle ensued between Fever, Troika, Provezza and Rock ’n Rolla. At the finish Klaus and his Fever team prevailed with Peter and his Troika in second and in third was Dimitri Samokin. Provezza was left with the scraps of fourth place.


With 3 races sailed and a potential 5 more race to sail everything is still up for grabs.


Stay tuned



Shiftier Flukier Luckier‚Ķ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ūüôā

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2018 Dragon Gold Cup, Helsinki.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The Helsinki Sailing Club (HSK) are delighted to be hosting this year’s Gold Cup from July 20-27 and 60 boats are already registered¬† !

Now the ice around Helsinki has finally melted and Spring is in the air, the Finnish Dragon Association can look forward to an exciting programme of races in the lead up to their main event.

Just prior to the Gold Cup, why not compete in the Finnish National Championships (July 13-15) which will be sailed on the same race course as the Gold Cup. The HSK has ample space for boats to arrive early and a warm welcome will be given to all competitors for early training and practice.

Detailed information on the venue, transportation and accommodation can be¬†found on this “Home Page” of the IDA web site…¬†

Full Listing of the FIN events in 2018.

1).  HTPS Annual Competition     26th May.   

2). R1 HSK Spring Cup    9th & 10th June.   

3). R2  Helsinki Regatta  HSRM   30th June & 1st July.

4).  R3  EVLI Hanko Regatta ESS&HUS&HSF  6th to 8th July.

5).  R4  Open Dragon Championship FDA&HSK  13th to 15th July.

6).  Gold Cup  2018  (Races from 22nd to 27th) July.

7).  R5  Champagne Regatta  HSS   4th & 5th  August.

8).  Viapori Trophy SUPS  10th 0r 17th August (Wooden Boats Only).

9).  R6  Crayfish Regatta  HSK  18th & 19th August.

10).  R7  BS Classic Regatta  BS  25th & 26th August.

So there we have it fellow sailors, what a programme the Finnish Fleet are providing this season….¬†¬†¬† See you all at the Gold Cup¬†¬† ūüôā

Higher, Faster Longer……..¬†¬†¬† Stavros.

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NED 422 “Elephant” win on “The” Aalsmeer.

Klaas Ruigewaard with NED 422 the Overall Winners, Dominic, Jan (helm) & Olivier Bakker.

The Dutch Fleet, along with many International Teams (1 EST, 3 GER & 7 BEL), have recently completed their opening races on the wonderful sailing area of Aalsmeer. After a total of 19 races over 3 weekends it is the Family Team of NED 422 “Elephant” who reign victorious. Many congratulations to Jan Bakker and his two sons Dominic & Olivier….

Report from Philip de Koning    27 TEAMS OPENING DUTCH SEASON IN AALSMEER

Higher, Faster, Longer…………¬†¬†¬† Stavros.

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Copa del Mediterraneo Win for Ingo…

GER 1068 Dr Ingo Ehrlicher with Markus Wieser & Thomas “The Tank” Auracher win in Palma.

Last weekend the 2nd “Copa del Mediterraneo” for the Dragon Class took place in Puerto Portals, Palma. After 7 races it was German sailor¬†Dr Ingo Ehrlicher helming his new PCT Dragon,¬†with his fantastic tactician Markus Wieser and Thomas Auracher who took the championship with a race to spare.

Ingo and Markus receive their winning prize whilst Thomas¬†is outside¬†packing the boat ūüôā

Ingo explained “With different weather conditions showing winds of 10-25kts, the sailors enjoyed a beautifully organised tournament. The particularly good collaboration of the Spanish Dragon Association, the Balearian Sailing Federation and the Yacht Club Puerto Portals proved themselves greatly for the coming European Championships in 2020”.¬† Many congratulations to Ingo and his top team.

In 2nd place overall and really becoming a major player on the International Circuit, was GER 1193 helmed by Dirk Pramann, crewed by Stefan Waack & Stefan Hellriegel. This team have been together now for several seasons and continue to put together some great results.

GER 1193 Dirk Pramann, Stefan Waack & Stefan Hellriegel pushing hard down the waves.

In 3rd place overall was another German Sailor Otto Pohlmann, who has followed up his Princess Sofia success with another podium position. Otto crewed by Hugo Rocha and Markus Koy, was also racing a PCT Dragon and relishing being back sailing again after such a long time out of the game. Many congratulations to both Dirk & Otto with their 2nd & 3rd positions.

GER 1205  Otto Pohlmann, Hugo Rocha & Markus Koy hiking hard upwind in Palma.

Although 20 boats were registered, a total of 14 boats actually made it to the starting line. There was a great spirit both on and off the water as the Spanish Fleet show good comradery and excellent organisational skills. The Marina of Puerto Portals is well managed and has an excellent infrastructure.

GER 1068 (Ingo) makes a great start at the Pin End in Puerto Portals, Palma.

Frank Berg sailing his beautiful wooden Pedersen & Thuesen “Get-Away”

Had some top results with two 2nd’s and one race win, but his two UFD’s spoilt any chance of a podium place.¬†In the end Frank had to settle for 2nd overall Corinthian. ¬†Also having a great, fun winter in Palma is Sweden’s Bjorn Osterblom who finished 3rd Corinthian.

SWE 342 Bjorn Osterblom, crewed by Peje Emilsson & Per Skoglund round the gate in Palma.

However, the winning Corinthian Team was SWE 316 helmed by local sailor Fernando Leon, crewed by Alvero Irala and Jordi Sales. This team from the Clube de Regates Puerto Portals finished a creditable 6th overall, well done.

Higher, Faster, Longer……….¬†¬†¬† Stavros.

Many thanks to Nico Martinez¬†@MartinezStudio for these excellent photo’s…..

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Pieter Heerema Wins the 23rd Juan Carlos Trophy.

¬† NED 412 “Troika” Pieter Heerema holds the Trophy with¬†Lars Hendriksen & Claus Olesen.

It was a very pleasing final day for Pieter Heerema,¬†with his team of Lars Hendriksen and Claus Olesen, as they¬†rounded off a successful championship with a 1st and 3rd place to win the 23rd H.M. Juan Carlos Trophy by¬†a clear 8pts.¬† Pieter told me “Portugal is having an¬†unsettled spring with lots of rain, cool temperatures and an unbelievable swell. But we were very happy to perform well in a 7 year old Petticrows instead of our usual Pedersen & Thuesen.¬†In the end our lead of 8 points looked comfortable but it did not feel like that. There were huge waves¬†and huge shifts with big dead spots making it very tricky and nerve racking”.¬† Well done to the NED 412 team…

Close racing on the final day in Cascais, as NED 412 Pieter Heerema wins overall.

Despite the 8 point lead of the winners, it was all extremely close for the other podium positions with¬†only 1 point separated the next 3 boats.¬† SUI 311 “Sophie Racing” (23pts)¬† just squeezed out NED 411 “Olinghi” (23pts) on countback¬†leaving SUI 296 to finish 4th¬†(24pts).¬† So congratulations to Hugo Stenbeck for taking the runners up spot and well done to top Lady Helm Charlotte ten Wolde for finishing 3rd overall.

¬†Runners Up SUI 311 “Sophie Racing” Hugo Stenbeck, Martin Westerdahl & Robert Stanjer.

It was a very good 3rd and 2nd place on the final day that¬†helped the 4 person “Olighi” team of Charlotte Ten Wolde¬†with sister Juliette, best friend Janka Holan and local professional Pedro Andrade take the final podium place. It’s great to see 3 young ladies sailing at this level in the Dragon Class, always smiling and adding so much colour to the fleet ūüôā Well done girls !

3rd Overall NED 411 “Olinghi” Juliette & Charlotte ten Wolde, with Janka Holan & Pedro’s Brother ūüôā

So there we have it, another Juan Carlos Trophy over. Many congratulations to all the podium teams and a big thank you to the Race Management at the Club Naval de Cascais for successfully completed the scheduled 7 race series despite testing conditions.

Higher, Faster, Longer………¬†¬†¬† Stavros.



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Two Bullet’s for Hugo…in Cascais.

¬†¬†¬† Sui 311 “Sophie Racing”, helmed by Hugo Stenbeck , won both races today in Cascais,

The lighter winds and slightly less rolling waves suited the “Sophie Racing” team today¬†as two more races were completed in the 23rd Juan Carlos Trophy. By winning both races Hugo Stenbeck, Martin Westerdahl & Robert Stanjer have put themselves right back in contention for the overall prize. Also showing good form were the talented NED 412¬†“Troika” team headed by Pieter Heerema, crewed by Lars Hendriksen & Claus Olesen who¬†finished with¬†two 2nd places. Following Pieter home in both races was POR 58 helmed by Filipe Silva, with Henry Costa Silva & Diogo Cayolla recording two 3rd’s.

Two 3rd places for POR 58 “Marias III” today, as Diogo Cayolla retrieve’s¬†the kite.

The team from SUI 296 “Ariston”, who were the leaders after 3 races, did not have such a good day recording a 5th & 11th.¬† This drops Justus Kniffka into 2nd place overall after discarding the 11th place and surrenders the lead to NED 412 “Troika” Pieter Heerema who tops the fleet on¬†11pts after 5 races.

Jorge Lima gets the pole ready on SUI 296 “Ariston” in race 4 today,¬†slipping to¬†2nd overall.

The CNC Sports Director Rita Goncalves, is hoping to squeeze in two more races tomorrow, despite a forecast of light south-westerly winds and rain! With a start time of 11.00 and a “cut off” time of 14.00 (for the last possible warning signal)¬†the 12 teams will be crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. Cascais is renowned for usually completing the full series of 7 races so let’s see how the day goes….

Close racing across the waves on Day 3 of the H.M. Juan Carlos Trophy in Cascais.

With Pieter Heerema on 11pts, Justus Kniffka on 12pts & Hugo Stenbeck on 13pts, everything is set for a super finale to this championship. Finally, don’t forget competitors, the winner of the final race also wins the “Stavros” Trophy, so that gives an extra incentive for tomorrow ūüôā

Higher, Faster, Longer……¬†¬†¬† Stavros.

Thanks again to Anna Zykova for her usual super photo’s….

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