Final Standings at Cannes Grand Prix.

Winners GER 1170 Jochen Schumann, Ingo Borlowski & Helm/Owner Marcus Brenneke.

The final day (Friday 2nd) of the Cannes Grand Prix did not change the overnight results as no additional races were made despite Race Officer Philippe Enel taking the fleet out early to the Gulf Juan Course. With 3 predicted forecast model’s showing different transition periods of when exactly the wind would move from NE to West, it was worth a gamble to try a race before the change. But the transition happened sooner rather than later and the opportunity was lost.  However, an extremely wet squall on the way back to the marina did not dampen sailors spirit so a final attempt was made to race in the building westerly breeze after a short time ashore. Unfortunately, a course was set but after one recalled start the wind rose to 25kts plus….  The skies turned blue and the sun made it’s  first appearance of the week which signalled a “Mistral” so all racing prospects disappeared..

However, it did give an opportunity for some of the fleet to crane out and pack away their boats in a much warmer surroundings than they had experienced all week. It also set things up very nicely for the superb Prize Giving Party held in the Le Tube Restaurant, in the centre of Cannes. 

Yacht Club de Cannes Gerard Blanc with IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov at Prize Giving.

So the victory went to the team from Germany helmed by Marcus Brenneke, crewed by Triple Gold Medalist Jochen Schumann & Ingo Borlowski.

Jochen Schumann raises the Trophy beside Gerard Blanc & fellow crew Ingo Borlowski. (Marcus Brenneke missing).

Runners Up were the brilliant team from RUS 27 helmed by Anatoly Loginov, crewed by Vadim Statsenko & Alexandre Shaligin. These European Champions from 2016 had to settle for 2nd spot this time after beating Marcus and his team back in St Petersburg 2 years ago… 

2nd overall RUS 27 Vadim Statsenko, Anatoly Loginov (Helm) & Alexandre Shaligin.

Taking the final podium place were the “New Boys” from Abersoch, sailing GBR 818. Although no stranger to sailing success winning countless National Championships in a variety of One Design Classes, Mike Budd was delighted to finish 3rd in his brand new V6. 

3rd Overall GBR 818 Mark Greaves, Mike Budd, Gerard & Chris Gowers (Tim Tavinor crewed day 1).

Top Corinthians were the Swedish Team sailing SWE 389 Karl-Gustaf Lohr, crewed by Jasper Bendix & Mads Hansen. Unfortunately, this team missed the fantastic Prize Giving Party, which was a great pity.  However, the 2nd & 3rd Overall Corinthians were present having fun & celebrate a great result..

2nd Corinthians (left) BEL 88 Gerard with Steven Vermeire, Guy Celis & Willy Hambrouke.

3rd Corinthians (right) BEL 80 Ben Cauwenbergh, who for some reason took all the prizes of his crew Manu Hens & Siebe De Boo !


The whole Prize Giving ended up with great music, fine wine, nice atmosphere and lots of dancing…   A very nice way to round off this first European Grade 1 Regatta… My thanks to Yacht Club de Cannes and all the Race Management, helpers and volunteers, who despite the extreme cold weather and against all odds, managed to complete the series and give the 45 International Teams a week to remember 🙂

Higher, Faster, Warmer (Now) …..    Stavros.

Many thanks to Elena Razina for the Prize Giving Photo’s x



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No Thermals, No Hat, No Chance!

With Europe in this unbelievable cold snap, it is testament to the Dragon Class that they have prevailed in chilly Cannes and completed 4 races thus far…

Quite simply conditions have been somewhat testing to say the least.

With snow capped mountains and sleet covered streets our intrepid sailors set forth to do battle in temperatures more suited for the recent Winter Olympics.

Putting the cold to one side the YCC Committee had their hands full with an immense seaway and an unusual breeze direction from 035 degrees.

With a mean TWS of 9 knots two races were completed today. Race 3 saw our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov take the gun in his brand new Petticrows V6 (RUS 34 To Be Continued)……. 2nd was former European Champion Anatoly Loginov helming RUS 27 and 3rd GER 1162 Stephan Link.

Suffering the ignominy of a UFD was Klaus Diederichs (2013 World Champion) helming GBR 758, who will be kicking himself this evening for this expensive transgression. However, Klaus made up for his mistake with an excellent 2nd in the next race.

Race 4 saw similar conditions with an fair line and a clear start…  lead boats at the the top mark came from middle left as some of boats who went all the way left overstood.

Tricky conditions prevailed down wind as GER 1162 Stephan Link took control. Immediately followed by GBR 758 then 3rd was 2015 World Champion Yvgeni Brazlavets helming ITA 77.

So going into the final day this first European Grade 1 is very much up for grabs… Tomorrow will see a discard kick in if any more races can be sailed….

Colder, Frostier, Snowier…..   Stavros.   😉







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Cold in Cannes…..

“RocknRolla” Boy’s Alexsey, Dmitry & Andrey of RUS 76 Win race 1 of Cannes Grand Prix.

During my 25 years of Dragon Sailing in Cannes I have never seen snow, apart from on the Ski Slopes during the annual Ski-Vol in January. Yet this week it’s been cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey :-).

Cannes Grand Prix Day 1, sailed in very cold conditions with around 8-10kts of breeze.

Yesterday two races were sailed, but today it was simply not possible.  Although there were a handful of sailors “keen” to go and face the elements, the majority breathed a sigh of relief when all racing for today was cancelled. The wind was too strong and the chill factor was more like Sir Ernest Shackleton experienced during one of his three expeditions to the Antarctic… 

A little Snowman in Cannes, proves it was extremely cold on Monday…   OMG.

However, despite 10 teams deciding to not participate, there were 43 hardy teams on the start line yesterday for the first race that was won by RUS 76 helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, crewed by Alexsey Bushuev & Andrey Kirilyuk.

Although race 2 was shortened after the 2nd beat because the wind began to die, it still gave the fleet another race which may prove crucial by the end of the week and the current forecast. Race 2 was won by GER 1170 helmed by Marcus Brennecke, crewed by Olympic Legend Jochen Schumann & Ingo Borlowski.

Marcus Bennecke and Jochen Schumann win race 2 and lead overall.  (Previous photo)

Marcus Brennecke had already recorded a 4th in race 1 so now leads overall. In 2nd place is Abersoch’s Mike Budd who launched his new V6 two days ago with his top sailing friend Mark Greaves. This newish team into the Dragon Class have a wardrobe full of National Championship Titles which include Squibs, SB 20, Melges 24, J 80, RS 400, Laser and 1720’s..  They were joined yesterday by Petticrows owner Timothy Tavinor, because their regular crew was stuck at Heathrow Airport back in the UK! However, a steady 10th place followed up by 2nd in race 2 was enough to keep them ahead of 3rd overall SUI 318 on count back…(both on 12 points).

GBR 818 2nd Overall after 2 races, Tim Tavinor, Mark Greaves & helm Mike Budd.

Currently in 3rd place (as mentioned) is SUI 318 “1 quick 1” helmed by Wolf Waschkuhn, crewed by our current World Champions, Andy Beadsworth & Simon Fry. Wolf is now the proud owner of a Petticrows V6 and the name comes from one of my past comments (which in fact originated from Irelands Robin Hennesy) 1 quick 1 and then we will drink the next 4 slowly 🙂

So now, as we all huddle together and try to avoid freezing to death, our fingers are crossed for more racing tomorrow …   

Higher, Faster, Longer………..    Freezing in Cannes   Stavros.

Thanks to Elena Razina for her lovely photo’s 🙂








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Puerto Portals Winter Series….


    GER 1183 Michael Schmidt, Rubrio Basilio & Gustavo Lima win the P.P.W.S.

With 4 series run from November 2017 through to February 2018 it was Michael Schmidt from Germany, crewed by Portuguese professionals Rubrio Basilio and Gustavo Lima who took the overall series title.

Close racing on the final day in Palma.

Despite only one completed race over last weekend, the 25 competing teams enjoyed the sunshine and comradery at this new base for the Dragon’s in Palma. After an absence of 10 years, (it was back in 2007 when the prestigious Gold Cup was last raced in the beautiful bay of Palma) the Dragons are regaining their confidence in this wonderful location…

RUS 34 getting “Even Better” Vasily Senatorov finished 2nd overall in Palma.

It was summed up perfectly by our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov, who said “There was a lot of fun in Palma during this winter series. With wonderful infrastructure at Puerto Portals, splendid atmosphere in the club and gentlemen behaviour on the water. I thank the Spanish hosts, the Race Committee and all the Sponsors. It was an honour to sail against very strong teams from Germany, Denmark, Italy and see the Spanish Fleet grow again. Particularly as we climbed to 2nd overall”.  Well said Vasily & many congratulations on your overall position.

3rd overall was GER 1177 “Pow Wow” Michael Zankel, Pedro Andrade & Charles Nankin.

Leading Corinthians overall was a very close fight between Frank Berg from Denmark and Tanja Jacobsohn from Germany.  In the end it was the team from Denmark sailing “Get-a-Way” helmed by Frank Berg (who actually won 2 of the 4 series), who took the top Corinthian spot.

1st Corinthian Team was DEN 266 Frank Berg, Thomas Schmidt and Anders Halsteen.

With the Princess Sofia Trophy (March 30th to April 1st), followed by the Copa de Med and Palma Vella in April & May, the Spanish Fleet are very much alive and kicking…  Organiser Pepe’ Vidal, representing the Club de Regates Puerto Portals told me that the next Winter Series would also include racing on Friday’s, making each series a 3 day event..   Also with the European Championships awarded to Palma in 2020, it all bodes well for Spanish Dragon Sailing…

Higher, Faster, Longer………     Stavros.

Many thanks Helmut Kraus for some of these photo’s..  more can be seen at


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Super Sailing Conditions in Cascais…

Racing at the 3rd Cascais Winter Series in Portugal could not have been better….

The 3rd Cascais Winter Series, 19th -21st Feb, was sailed in near perfect conditions with winds ranging from 8-18 kts, clear blue skies and wonderful semi-surfing waves. Victorious were our current World Champions TUR 1212 “Provezza” helmed by Andy Beadsworth, crewed by Owner Ali Tezdiker & Simon Fry who won 5 of the 7 completed races.

3rd Winter Series Winners, TUR 1212 “Provezza”, Andy Beadsworth, Ali Tezdiker & Simon Fry.

Enjoying finishing in 2nd place was our 2013 World Champion Klaus Diederichs, who is soon to upgrade his GBR 758 “Fever” to a new Petticrows V6. Crewed by Jamie Lea & Diego Negri the Fever Team pushed Provezza hard but could not quite match the upwind speed of the current World Champions…

Klaus Diederichs helms his “Fever” into 2nd place, crewed by Jamie Lea & Diego Negri.

Third place went right down to the final day with local helm Rui Boia’ and newcomer to the Dragon Fleet Otto Pohlmann going head to head for the final podium position.  In the end it was Otto, crewed by 5 times Olympian Gustavo Lima & his loyal friend Rubrio Basillo who seized the opportunity to win the final race of the series and secure 3rd overall.  A brilliant result for Otto who has been out of sailing for 30 years after previously sailing in the Finn Class. Its fantastic that Dragon’s attract such talented sailors from many other classes as our reputation to provide high level competition along with a great social program continues to echo around the world. 🙂

GBR 769 Hombre’ with Rubrio Basillo, Gustavo Lima & Otto Pohlmann 3rd Overall.

So in the end Rui Boia’ and his team of “Ace” photographer Ricardo Pinto (Legend) & Jose’ Concalves had to settle for 4th overall.  Thomas Wilton who was on board the Committee Boat communicating with the competitors on the VHF, summed up the series by saying “It was very civilized sailing with moderate breezes and seas. We had different pressures on each side of the course, but no major shifts”..    A great time was had by all and thank you Thomas and all the Race Committee at the Club Naval de Cascais for another excellent Winter Series…

The Fleet get away to a “Clear” start with excellent management from the Race Committee.

A big thank you to Anna Zykova for all of these fantastic Photo’s.   🙂

The 4th & 5th Winter Series are due on Feb 16th-18th & March 16th to 18th…

Higher, Faster, Longer………      Stavros.

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Perfect Evgeniy in Puerto Portals…

ITA 77 with the 2015 World Champion Evgeniy Braslavets wins 3rd Winter Series in Palma.

It was another impressive turn-out for the 3rd Puerto Portals winter series in Palma as 25 teams completed 5 races over the weekend of 13th/14th January. The event was dominated by our former World Champion Evgeniy Braslavets who won 4 of the 5 races! Crewed by Sergy Pugachev & Sergy Timokhof this ‘Bunker Prince’ team discarded a 3rd place to win with a “perfect” score of just 4 points…..  After the event Evgeniy told me ” The weather was really nice. Wind 8-12 kt, very shifty where all the teams had a chance to win. The organisation was good and we had a nice time in the Marina.  After Palma we are planning to start in Cannes for the Grand Prix end of February”. 

Our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov helming RUS 34 gets an excellent start in Palma.

In 2nd place overall was RUS 34 helmed by Vasily Senatorov, crewed by Igor Ivasmintsov & Alexandre Muzinchenko.  Our IDA Chairman told me “It was again light air conditions with very oscillating conditions and big holes in the pressure. A super result for Evgeniy and his team who stayed on for another week to continue training in Palma”.  It was also a very good result for you Vasily particularly winning the final race…  :-).  Very well done.

3rd place overall GER 1183 ‘M3’ Michael Schmidt with Gustavo Lima & Rubrio Basillo.

In 3rd place was the first of the new ‘V6’ Petticrows Dragons helmed by Michael Schmidt from Germany.  With top professional crew of Gustavo Lima & Rubrio Basillo the team of ‘M3’ put together some very consistent results to record another podium position after finishing runner’s up in series 2.

The Marina base at Puerto Portals has proved a very popular location and a safe haven for the fleet. It gives excellent protection to the boats both on and off the water with ample free parking for all competitors. The 4th and final winter series will take place on February 17th & 18th.  Future events in 2018 will be the Princess Sofia Trophy in March followed by the Palma Vella in April. The Spanish Fleet are most certainly gaining in numbers with the arrival of both older & new Dragons.

First ‘Corinthian’ team was GER 1186 helmed by Tanja Jacobsohn. Finishing a very creditable 6th place overall, Tanja crewed by her Husband Bernhard & Jan Scharffetter continue to enjoy the conditions offered in this beautiful bay of Palma de Mallorca…

GER 1186 Tanja Jacobsohn leads the fleet out to the left side of the course.

Top Corinthians GER 1186 Tanja Jacobson, Bernhard Jacobsohn & Jan Scharffetter.

Many congratulations to the organisers of the Puerto Portals Winter Series and to the ever growing Spanish Fleet. It is great to see Dragons racing back in Palma..   (I look forward to joining you all again in February) 🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer……….     Stavros.

I would like to thank Helmut Kraus for allowing me to use these excellent photo’s. All the Winter Series pictures can be found on his web site 







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“Get-a-Way”… Wins Again !

   Frank Berg wins 2nd Winter Series in Puerto Portals, the final Dragon event of 2017.


The weather was sunny , the winds were light for the final Dragon Regatta of the season sailed over the weekend of 16th & 17th Dec. 18 boats made it to the start line at the 2nd of 4 winter series events based at the Puerto Portals Marina,  with 3 races completed over the 2 days. (With one race abandoned).

Frank Berg in “Get-A-Way” on his way to a corner (what a surprise) 🙂 in Puerto Portals.

Leading after the first day of racing was our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov. Helming “Even Better” these days! Vasily recorded a 2nd and 1st…  Unfortunately, a 13th place on Sunday which turned out to be the final race, dropped Vasily and his team down to 4th overall, but still a very deserved result for our brilliant Chairman who has agreed to lead us upwards and onwards for another 2 years…  On behalf of the whole Dragon Fleet can I thank you Vasily for your hard work, immaculate representation and determined energy to lead us into 2018 and beyond. We salute you…

Pushing Frank and his team of Jens Bojsen-Moller & Kent Dalsbo Joergensen were the “Pow Wow” team of GER 1177 Michael Zankel, Pedro Andrade & Charles Nankin. In the end this top team had to settle for 2nd place after losing out on count back, as both teams finished on 11pts, but Frank had a 1st! The boats at rest in Puerto excellent base for this “new” Winter Series in Palma.

3rd overall was the 2015 World Champion, Yvgeni Braslavetts helming ITA 77, it was great to see “owner” Sergey Pugachev parachuting into the boat as he arrived late for race 1  joining 3rd crew Sergey Timohkov  & Yvgeni up the first beat..  (That’s the beauty of sailing a winter series in an accessible bay) 🙂


Happy Christmas Everyone…..   May the World be a Safer Place in 2018

Higher, Faster, Longer……..       Stavros.  x






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“There Be Dragons” Back in Palma…!

Super conditions in the bay of Palma de Mallorca for the 1st series at Puerto Portals.

It was great to see 26 Dragons registered for the opening winter series last weekend (18th & 19th Nov) in Puerto Portals, Palma. This is the first time the organisers of the Puerto Portals Marina have run an International Dragon event and they most certainly did not disappoint. Port Captain Alvaro, with principle organiser Pepe’ Vidal & communication director Elena Seijas have done an excellent job to co-ordinate this “new” series to bring Dragons back to Palma.

With non-stop sunshine the “sea-breeze” came in each afternoon to offer fantastic sailing.

The first race was won by our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov helming RUS 34 “Even Better”, crewed by Igor Ivasmintcov & Alexandre Muzinchenko. Then race 2 was won by Tanja Jacobson, crewed by her Husband Bernhard and Jan Scharfetter.

Winners of race 2 Bernhard, Tanja and Jan after sailing in Puerto Portals, Palma.

One of the principle Spanish sailor’s and joint organiser Carlos Carbajal (ESP 99) commented how pleased he was to see 13 International Dragons already in Puerto Portals joining the 13 local teams. Carlos continued to say “There are still some small things to improve on but considering this is the first regatta and the good will behind all the organisation in Portals, I am confident we will make a great winter series”. I most certainly agree Carlos, well done.

Race 2 won by GER 1186 “Goldkante” helmed by Tanja Jacobson who opened a good lead.

On the second day of racing the sea breeze filled in slightly earlier so it was possible to have 3 more races before the “cut off” time of 15.30.  Winners on day 2 were GER 1177 “Pow Wow” helmed by Michael Zankel, DEN 266 “My Way” helmed by Frank Berg and GER 1183 “M3” with Michael Schmidt.

Day 2 saw an earlier sea breeze allowing 3 more races to be sailed in perfect conditions.

In the end after 5 races it was the Danish Team led by Frank Berg sailing his beautiful Pedersen & Thuesen who won the series, from Michael Schmidt in 2nd and Vasily Senatorov in 3rd….

Pepe’ Vidal and Elena Seijas with the Winners DEN 266 “My Way” in Puerto Portals.

However, the main winner here was the fact that the Dragons are back in Palma de Mallorca… A venue that has a great history with the class, in particular the popular “Princess Sofia Trophy” and can also look forward to hosting the European Championships in 2020 !

With plenty of facilities available for sailors to park trailers and cars Puerto Portals offers an ideal “safe” place to winter a Dragon so why not join in the fun….    Next series Dec 16th & 17th.

Higher, Faster, Longer…………    Stavros.      (GBR 789).

My thanks to Francisco Pontes and Helmut Kraus ( for their photo’s.




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Armistice Joy for Anna plus Another Win for Provezza in Cascais.

Gerard Blanc with Winners Michi Lip, Anna Houdek & Dad Rudi Houdek in Cannes.

30 Dragons competed last weekend (10,11 & 12 Nov) for the Amistice Cup organised by the Yacht Club de Cannes. With 5 races completed due to a Mistral forecast on the final day the event was won by 13 year old Anna Houdek crewed by her Dad Rudi and top professional Michi Lip  (recent Gold Cup winner).

This victory will not only go down in history as the youngest helm to win an international event in the modern era but also encourage more owners to bring young sailors into the class. Many congratulations to Anna & her team in GER 1162.

In 2nd place overall was another Lady helm Nicola Friesen, crewed by Vincie Hoesch & Joost Houweling sailing GER 1140. After winning the German Championships in 2016 followed by finishing 1st Lady helm at the recent World Championships in Cascais, Nicola continues to accumulate excellent results. The final podium place went to GBR 375 helmed by Ivan Bradbury, crewed by Lars Hendriksen & George Leonchuk. Very well done to all…


Meanwhile down in Cascais at their 1st winter series held over the same weekend it was the current World Champions TUR 1212 who took the victory.

TUR 1212, Simon Fry, Ali Tezdiker & Andy Beadsworth win 1st Winter Series in Cascais,

This also ended up being a 5 race series sailed over 3 days with a 6th race having to be abandoned due to radical shifts making it unfair. However, the weather was fantastic with cloudless skies and a mixture of wind strengths.

The Club Naval de Cascais pulled out all the stops to provide an excellent series.

In 2nd place overall was Mike Budd from Abersoch helming GBR 769, crewed by myself & Joao’ Vidinha. Whilst the final podium position went to GER 1177 helmed by Peter Cuningham, Pedro Andrade & Charles Nankin…

Fantastic conditions for the small but “competitive” fleet in Cascais last weekend.

These photo’s were taken by Anna Zykova who is looking to support Cascais this winter….   Thank you Anna….

It’s great to have all these options available for winter racing…now we are off to Palma de Mallorca… to race with 26 boats based at Puerto Portals…  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer…………     Stavros.







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Stephan Link wins the Gold Cup in St Tropez.

GER 1162 “Desert Holly” Stephan Link, Frank Butzmann & Michi Lipp win Gold Cup.

Gold Cup Podium “Pow Wow” 2nd, “Desert Holly” Winners! and “Desert Eagle” 3rd.

It was a nail biting final day of the Gold Cup in St Tropez as any number of teams could still win this much sought after trophy.. The last race started at 12.16 under a “P” flag with a clear start in 12 kts of breeze from around 65 degrees. At the pin end of the line it was TUR 1212 “Provezza” who made a perfect start and pushed out to the left side then managed to get back across the fleet to hold a comfortable lead by the end of the 2.4 mile beat. Even though the World Champions went on to win the race, it could only pull them up to 10th overall as in race 3 and 4 they were scored in the 40’s…

Pedro Andrade, Lauren Fry, Carolin Laetzsch & Charles Nankin a brilliant 2nd overall.

Pedro’s young crew Caroline Laetzsch & Lauren Fry enjoy their success & first ever Gold Cup !

However, following TUR 1212 across the line in 2nd place was Pedro Andrade helming GER 1177 “Pow Wow” (in Michael Zankel’s absence), who then rolled his genoa and waited to see if any other team could beat his 5 race total of 49 points… But he did not have to wait long as GER 1162 “Desert Holly” helmed by Stephan Link crossed the line in 5th place giving a total of 47 points. It was then Stephan’s turn to look back at the fleet to see where the overnight leader (ITA 77 Yvegeni Braslavets) was?  But Yvegeni was back in the 30’s thus slipping back to 5th overall, so the Gold Cup went to Stephan Link with Pedro Andrade claiming the runner’s up spot, whilst UAE 9 “Desert Eagle” just did enough to hold onto the final podium position by one point !

UAE 9 3rd Overall were UAE 9 Robert Stanjek, Hendrik Witzmann (helm) & Markus Koy.

It was also great to see an equal number of Corinthians & Professionals this year as more and more Corinthians are revelling in the opportunity to race the best in the world..  Lets face it “Can you play Roger Federer at Tennis ? Or race Lewis Hamilton around Monaco ?  Or even Tee Off against Jorden Spieth at Augusta ?  The answer is No”.  But what you can do is race a Dragon against the best one design sailors in the world, at most events anywhere in the world… This is primarily what the Gold Cup is all about. An equal opportunity to test your skills, boat speed and  manoeuvers on the same stretch of water as the legends of our sport…

Top Corinthians and finishing a brilliant 8th overall were GER 1184 (centre) “Caroroo” Reemt & Petra Reemtsma, with Lorenz Jensen. 2nd was GER 1175(left) “Sapphire” Jan Woortmann, Bruhns Sonke & Christian Halbig. With GER 1135 (right) “Birscherl” Philipp Ocker, Florian Grosser & Oliver Davies…

This was a superbly organised IDA event run extremely well by the members and volunteers of the Societe’ Nautique de Saint Tropez, led by their President Andre’ Beaufils and on the water by the excellent International Race Officer Philippe Faure from Marseilles.

IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov, Andre’ & Stavros, Philippe Faure (IRO) & Walter Mielke (Jury Chairman).

Other presentations awarded were the Nations Cup which was won convincingly by Germany and the Silver Cup (for the middle placed boat) which was FIN 91 “Paloma”..

Silver Cup Winners, FIN 91 “Paloma” Sami Salomma, Mickael Wilhelmsonn & Pihl Kalle.

This cup is the intended prize “if” more teams participate, which would require the fleet to be split in the first part of the week producing a Gold & Silver Fleet later in the competition.  However, until we exceed 100 boats, which maybe possible as the class begins to attract more and more sailors, the Silver Cup will remain the middle placed crew overall.

In closing Gold Cup winning helm Stephan thanked his top crew Frank Butzmann & Michi Lip, he also explain that he has been racing Dragons for 27 years now and this victory was his highest achievement!

A Big Hug for Stephan from his brilliant crew, Michi Lip….  Well done “Desert Holly”.

So congratulations GER 1162 and well done to all the podium teams. Athough, the biggest winners were probably all the 88 teams who took part in this amazing event…. Now the honor of hoisting this prestigious annual event passes onto Helsinki next July….   Will you be there ?

Higher, Faster, Longer………..     Stavros.

Once again Elena Razina, your photo’s are great, thanks for the memories of St Tropez 🙂


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