Superb Finale to the Regates Royal…

Cannes Prize Giving the Winners RUS 27 “Annapurna” & Runners Up GBR 770 “Storm”.browns3

with Vadim Statsenko, Anatoly Loginov, Alexander Shalagin with Frederic, David, Lynette & Jonathan Brown.

browns8RUS 27 Dominate the racing in Cannes, Anatoly, Vadim and Alexander in full flow…

The 38th Regates Royal has been won by RUS 27 “Annapurna” helmed by Anatoly Loginov, crewed by Vadim Statsenko & Alexander Shalagin after 5 wonderful days of “shorts & T shirts” sailing over 10 races, with one discard. In the end the current European Champions won by 15 points, but they were pushed all the way by GBR 770 “Storm” sailed by the “Brown” Family helmed by Jonathan, crewed by Frederic with Mum Lynette & Dad David.

browns22Runners Up GBR 770 “Storm”  Jonathan, Lynette, David & Frederic Brown…

This was a special result for the Brown Family as they continue to improve with their 4 person “team” which is growing ever more popular in both the Dragon and Etchells Class. It gives an extra pair of “Eyes” to help with tactics and of course “Hands” at each under pressure manoeuvre! In addition it now allows “smaller” teams to reach the allocated 285 kg weight limit, to offer all sailors a chance to compete on a level playing field.  :-)

browns23GBR 770 “Storm” make full use of their successful 4 crew to secure another top result.

In 3rd place overall was another “relatively” new team representing Spain. Yes ESP 71 “Gunter” helmed by Javier Scherk, crewed by Gustavo Lima & Paulo Manso continue to sail at a very high standard and thoroughly deserved their “podium” finish in this top quality 50 boat fleet…


Another Podium place for ESP 71 “Gunter”, Gustavo Lima, Paulo Manso & Javier Scherk. 3rd Overall.

Also having a fantastic week to finish in 4th place overall was GER 1140 “Smaug” helmed by current German Champion Nicola Friesen, crewed by Vincent Hoesch and Michi Lip. This team held the early lead during the regatta and were never out of the top 20 (excluding their discard) in the 10 race series, showing once again that consistency is the name of the game.

brsa2GER 1140 “Smaug” Top Lady Helm & 4th Overall, Nicola Firesen, Vincie Hoesch & Michi Lip.

The 2016 French Championship was sailed within the Regates Royal and although this is an “Open” Championship, therefore Anatoly Loginov is the winner, there was also great rivalry between the numerous French Teams to be at the top of the tree :-). One French Team who just keep getting better and better is FRA 420 “Outlaw” helmed by one of our IDA Vice Chairman’s Stephane Baseden, crewed by Pascal Rambeau & Patrick Aucour. Not only did they finish in 5th place overall, but are now officially the best French Team of 2016.

browns9Top French Team 5th Overall, FRA 420 “Outlaw” Stephane Baseden, Pascal Rambeau & Patrick Aucour.

On the final night the 50 International Teams were treated to another magnificent Champagne party at the Palm Beach Casino, with top entertainment, fine local wines and many buffet tables offering traditional French cuisine. A great time was had by all.

Many thanks once again to all the helpers and volunteers of the Yacht Club de Cannes, in particular Gerard Blanc and Karine Grene’ for their organisation on and off the water. The 2016 Regates Royal saw Cannes at its very best :-)

brsaThe sailing in Cannes was held in the most “Amazing” conditions. “Short’s & T Shirts” !

Higher, Faster, Longer……..   Stavros.   (Sailing with Ted Sawyer in GBR 789).

Thanks once again to Michael Kurtz, from Pantaenius, for providing these exceptional photographs, taken with skill & precision….


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RUS 27 Win the Regates Royal…

abcdRUS 27 “Annapurna” Anatoly Loginov, crewed by Vadim Statsenko & Alexander Shalagin.

Our current European Champions RUS 27 win in Cannes…2nd was GBR 770 and 3rd ESP 71.  Much more news to follow…   Stavros.

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Wonderful Sailing in Cannes…

a99The Bavarian “Dream Team” lead after 5 races with Nicola Friesen at the Helm of GER 1140.

With sunshine from dawn to dusk, the 38th Edition of the Regates Royal combined  with the French Open Championship is well underway here in Cannes. 50 Dragons are competing over 5 days in this festival of sailing that also hosts beautiful Classic, 5.5m & 12m yachts.  



Some of the 50 Dragons “resting” in the Old Port of Cannes, at the Regates Royal.

Each day the courses for all the sailors have been moved around so that no fleet sails in the same area. So far the Dragons have enjoyed the freedom of the West Bay before moving to the beautiful clear waters towards Golf Juan and Juan les Pins on the East side of Cannes. This variety is proving very popular with the sailors and offers a new challenge for each race.

a9999DEN 394 “Blue Lady” helmed by Soren Pehrsson with one of the many beautiful Classics.

The overall leader after 5 races is the “current” German National Champion Nicola Friesen, helming GER 1140 “Smaug”, crewed by Vincent Hoesch & Michael Lip (the Bavarian Dream Team). Counting 7th, 3rd, 5th & 2nd places gives Nicola a 3 point lead over RUS 27 Anatoloy Loginov and RUS 34 Vasily Senatorov.

a9Feeling “Even Better” is our IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov who is currently equal 2nd overall.

Not far behind the leaders in overall 4th place is ESP 71 “Gunter” helmed by Javier Scherk on 30 points, then in joint 5th place on 32 points are GBR 770 “Storm” helmed by Jonathan Brown and GBR 789 “Bear” helmed by the “amazing” 84 years young Edward Sawyer from the USA…  (keep it up Teddy) :-)

a999Ted Sawyer concentrates fully as he glides the “Bear” around the top mark.

Over the next 2 days our very able President du Committee, Olivier de Turckheim is planning for 4 more races. So plenty of opportunity for many place changes and more fun in the sun for these happy 50 Dragon Teams.

Higher, Faster, Longer……………    Stavros.

p.s.  Many thanks to Michael Kurtz, from Pantaenius, for these excellent photo’s..


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Hamlet Gold Cup Winners 2016 !!


Bernardo Freitas, Hugo Stenbeck (Helm) & Martin Ake Westerdahl raise the “Gold Cup”!

Team “Sophie Racing”, SUI 311 Win the 2016 Gold Cup….  with a 2nd & 3rd on final day…    More to follow……..    Stavros.


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Fantastic 5th Day at Dragon Gold Cup…

AFHigh “Fives” all round for RUS 76, Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev.

The “Hamlet” Dragon Gold Cup really caught “fire” on Thursday here in Hornbaek, as 2 more races were completed in superb conditions even though we spent nearly 9 hours on the water! A 15 to 18 kt westerly wind combined with a mixture of currents produced some difficult seas but offered exhilarating sailing.


The 76 boat fleet eventually get away under a Blag Flag.  3 boats were disqualified.

There were a number of “aborted” starts as the boats were swept over the line by a favourable early morning current, this caused several general recalls & postponements. However, eventually the fleet did get away with 3 boats Black Flagged, 2 of which were main contenders…  POR 66 Jose’ Matoso & GER 1162 Stephan Link (who was European “Runner Up” in St Petersburg). So their Gold Cup is over as of course there are no discards in this series.

AD7Winners of the 3rd Race of the 2016 Hamlet Gold Cup, RUS 76 “Strange Little Girl”.

Race 3 was won by RUS 76 “Strange Little Girl” helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, crewed by Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev. Pushing them hard all through the race was DEN 138 “Eva” helmed by Lars Hendriksen, crewed by Robert Stanjek & Claus Olesen who had to settle for 2nd place, with DEN 32 “Nina” helmed by Nicholas Holm, crewed by Mathias Thomsen & Jonas Hogh in 3rd.

In Race 4 of the series there was a tremendous battle for the victory between GER 1121 and DEN 411. However, although GER 1121 “Caroroo” helmed by Reemt Reemtsma, crewed by his wife Petra & Lorenz Jensen held the upper hand for the majority of the race, it was DEN 411 “African Queen” who snatched the win right at the end of the 3rd and final beat…. 

AD4Big Hug’s all round on board the “African Queen” who recorded a 4th & 1st place today.

I spoke with Jorgen after the race, he told me “In both races we started down near the Committee Boat as we could see the waves were slightly breaking showing more current. Then played the shifts without choosing either side of the beat. In race 3 we had to do a 720 as we infringed the leader at the top mark, but we were still happy to finish 4th. Then in race 4 we had a great race with GER 1121, in fact they sailed very well, but we just managed to squeeze pass them at the finish”. Very well done to Jorgen and his team, could this be Gold Cup number 4 for this excellent Danish Sailor ?

AD3DEN 411 “African Queen” Jorgen Schonherr, Thomas Schmidt & Christian Videbaek win Race 4 just ahead of GER 1121 “Caroroo” Reemt & Petra Reemtsma & Lorenz Jensen!

3rd place in race 4 went to GER 1162 “Desert Holly” who bounced back from the major disappointment of their Black Flag in race 3. So it was great to see Stephan Link, Frank Butzmann & Michi Lip still fighting despite having no chance to win overall…. (Well done guys).

So now we all prepare for another extremely long day, as 2 more races are scheduled for today, followed by the craning out of nearly 80 boats ! It should be fun as its what we all live for :-)

Higher, Longer, Faster……………..    Stavros.

p.s.  As usual, many thanks to Ricardo Pinto, who we all know well, for his high quality Photo’s.

p.p.s.  Special thanks also to Elena Razina, who has also contributed to my article. Please check out Elena’s web site for further great photo’s at   htt://






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Frustrating Day 4 of Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup…

A5After 6 hours on the water the 76 Dragons eventually returned to the Hornbaek Marina yesterday without having raced through lack of wind.

Despite our International Race Officer Christian Lerche, making every effort to start a race, it was simply impossible….  The wind came from all directions but was never constant enough to set up a Gold Cup course.

A6The Dragons back in the Marina of Hornbaek, who live to fight another day.

So today (Day 5) will hopefully see 2 races sailed, back to back, with a further 2 more completed on Friday (weather permitting).

DEasy Day for Ricardo Pinto…..  our Professional Photographer puts his feet up :-)

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..   Stavros.

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Superb Race 2 at “Hamlet” Dragon Gold Cup…

AbAAGBR 780 “Louise” power their way to Glory to Win Race 2 of the Gold Cup in Hornbaek.

It was a most perfect day for sailing in Hornbaek today as the 76 boat fleet enjoyed the 2nd race of the Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup in the crystal clear waters of Denmark. After 2 general recalls, with “P” & then “U” flags, the Black Flag was introduced by IOR Christian Lerche which certainly got everyone’s attention :-)

AAABBB3rd Time “Lucky” the Fleet eventually get away cleanly after 2 General Recalls…..

The windward mark was set up at a bearing of 275 degrees, with the wind gusting between 14 to 18 kts from predominately 285 degrees, thus giving a 10 degree port end bias on the 800m long line. The boat making the best start at the pin end was the “Corinthian Team” of GER 1151 “Puck IV” helmed by Philip Dohse who actually went on to finish in 8th place, first Corinthian!

AbAAAGBR 780 leads, with GBR 758 in hot pursuit… GBR 758 eventually finished 4th place.

However, the day belonged to GBR 780 “Louise” helmed by Grant Gordon, crewed by Kasper Harsberg & Ruairidh Scott. This team won the race  after rounding the top mark first and never looking back! I spoke to Grant after the race he told me “Well Stavros, our plan was to start towards the pin end, go left and tack on the layline, which we did. It was great to round the top mark first and although GBR 758 did cross us towards the top of the 2nd beat, we were again on layline, so rounded every buoy in the lead :-) We used the current to our best advantage downwind and kept hitting the left side of the beat upwind. UAE 9 kept us under pressure all the way, but we held on to win”. Congratulations team “Louise”.

AbAAAAHenrik Witzmann and his top team from Dubai in UAE 9 finished a close 2nd place in Race 2.

3rd place went to GER 1170 “Cameleer” Marcus Brenneke, Theis Palm & Jochen Schumann. This team are really “on song” now after a very successful podium finish in the recent European Championship in St Petersburg.

AbAAAAAA3rd in Race 2 and now OVERALL LEADERS are GER 1170 “Cameleer” Marcus Brenneke.

So after 2 races we have GER 1170 in the lead on 10pts, UAE 9 on 11 pts and UAE 7 “Bunker Queen” which is being sailed by our current World Champion Eugenyi Braslavets, who has recorded a 5th and a 7th to total 12 pts… All extremely close and many more races to go…..

Tonight will be the Gala Dinner sponsored by Ilse Jacobsen so probably many “sore” heads tomorrow for Race 3, which starts at usual time of 12.00 (Noon).

Higher, Faster, Longer………………   Stavros.



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Racing Cancelled on Day 2 of Hamlet Gold Cup…

AAAAAAAAThe Flags Fly over the Hornbaek Boat Club, all racing cancelled today…  :-(

With gusts in excess of 30 kts and sea’s 3 to 4 metres high, it was impossible to even consider racing today in Hornbaek..   Our IRO Christian Lerche informed a disappointed but understanding fleet of 76 Dragons that we would not be sailing…

So tomorrow we will have a 8am briefing followed by hopefully 2 races with the first start scheduled at 10am.

Fingers crossed for better weather……

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAThe Dragon’s Sleep in Hornbaek……..   another great photo from Ricardo  :-)

Higher, Longer, Faster……. (Lighter Winds) ..          Stavros.

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Race Win for Gavia in Gold Cup…

AGGBR 761 “Jerboa” helmed by Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, crewed by Mark Hart & Philip Catmur.

Gavia Wilkinson Cox sent a clear message to all the 76 competitive International Dragon teams today, by winning the first race of the 2016 “Hamlet” Gold Cup in style and so taking the Borge Borresen Memorial Trophy… :-)

AG5Congratulations all round as “Team Jerboa” cross the finish line to win Gold Cup Race 1.

Tactician Mark Hart told me ” We made a good start but did not go too far right on the first beat as we played the shifts. When we realised the amount of current against us at the top mark we thought we were sailing in Cowes! So we knew to over-stand and allow a sensible margin.  Although we rounded the top mark in 2nd place we took the lead by the first downwind gate and then held our 1st place until the end”. Very well done to team “Jerboa”….

In 2nd place and also top Corinthian Team was 3 times former Gold Cup winner…. Jorgen Schonherr helming his latest “African Queen” DEN 411 crewed by Christian Videbaek and Thomas Schmidt.

AG3Top Corinthians and a brilliant 2nd place in Race 1 is the “African Queen” DEN 411…

Jorgen and his team are well used to the strong current that can flow between the waters of Sweden and Denmark, so were in their element today as many other top teams struggled with the difficult conditions….

Another Danish team to have a great performance today was DEN 32 “Nina” helmed by Nikolai Holm, crewed by Mathias Thomsen and Jonas Hogh (who is fresh back from the Rio Olympics). This young team were first to the top mark so were always up in the leading group, congratulations to team “Nina”.

14159906_1229723687067558_147294392_n (2)DEN 32 “Nina” cross the finish line to take 3rd place in Race 1 of the “Hamlet” Gold Cup…

It was a difficult day, but the IOR Christian Lerche did an excellent job to move the course around as the wind went from 115 degrees, to 140 degrees and beyond at times.. But as the saying goes “It was the same for everyone”.

Tomorrow will see much stronger wind with a forecast up to and in excess of 25 kts, so the start time has been moved forward to 10am to allow the opportunity of hopefully completing race 2 of the programme before conditions become too extreme……

Watch this space for the results and more superb action photo’s form Ricardo Pinto…

Higher, Faster, Longer………….    Stavros.

Full Results….Sailwave results R1 for Hamlet Dragon Gold Cup 2016 at HBK, HS and KDY 2016






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Practice Race of the Dragon Gold Cup.

AZThe Fleet finally get away after several General Recalls….  in sunny Hornbaek, Denmark.

With a start line of 1km, yes 1 kilometre, it is always going to be difficult to start a fleet of nearly 80 boats. Add to the equation that it’s only a “practice” race, an oscillating wind of between 290 to 280 degrees and you have a Race Officers nightmare :-)

However, our very experienced IOR Christian Lerche, took the opportunity of setting up the required 2.4 mile first beat and tried a number of starts under a “P” flag, “U” flag then eventually the “Black” flag. In the end he decided to let the fleet continue up the course despite “half” of the boats seen over the line. This at least gave the competitors a chance to get used to the sea conditions and prepare themselves for the “real” challenge that begins today.

AZZA start that was recalled, the boats at the Pin were fine, but no sign of the committee boat!

At the end of the first beat it was our current European Champion RUS 27 “Annapurna” helmed by Anatoly Loginov, crewed by Vadim Statsenko & Alexander Shalagin who rounded first. Many of the other usual suspects were in hot pursuit including last years Gold Cup winner, Lawrie Smith, who is not going to relinquish this wonder trophy without a fight :-)


Here we see RUS27 Anatoly & team leading the first downwind leg, with Lawrie GBR 801 close behind.

In the end the wind died away and the teams made their way back to the Marina to enjoy the Champagne & joyful “Opening Ceremony” knowing that they are all ready to begin the main challenge over the next 6 days.

My thanks again to top Professional “Ricardo Pinto” for these excellent on the water photo’s…..  Many more reports and action to come.

Higher, Faster, Longer……..        Stavros. 




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