Exciting Changes for All Grade 1 Events!


Cannes,   Cascais,  Douarnenez  and  Kuhlungsborn…

Many improvements have been made to our 4 Grade 1 Regatta’s for 2016 !!

Each event is over 4 days offering 8 races with 1 discard…….

Every race will be a “Full” Championship Course, 3 up winds & 2 down winds, finishing line beyond the Top Mark….

Races can be caught up & also moved forward if weather forecast predicts too much or too little wind.

Postponed Races will be signalled early ashore allowing for more freedom & less hanging around!

The New “Coach & Support Boat” regulations to minimise advantages and level the “playing field”..

More Prizes for Corinthian Sailors to attract Younger & Non Professional Teams.

A standard set of SAILING INSTRUCTIONS so that each event has exciting continuity.

Make sure you join in the “Fun”…………..  :-)

Higher, Longer, Faster……….    Stavros.                IDA Sailing Co-ordinator.




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RUS 27 “Annapurna” Win’s the Ski Vol….

20160124_122400 (2)

Anatoloy Loginov helms his “Annapurna” to Victory with Vadim Statsenko & Alexander Shalagin.

Two more races were completed to conclude three days of super racing in a warm climate to round off the 2016 Ski Vol organised by the Societe’ des Regates d’Antibes. The final results went right down the to wire as the top 4 or 5 Dragons all performed well on the final day and it went not without incident……

The first race of the day started in a building sea breeze and it was FIN 85 “Thouband” helmed by Christian Borenius who made a fantastic start and built up quite a lead. Unfortunately, on the 2nd down wind leg, Christian and his team of Chris Winter & Richard Permici thought the course was T2. (Which would be 2 up wind & 2 down wind). However, although T2 had initially been displayed on the back of the Committee Boat prior to the start, it had been changed to T3 as the wind started to increase.  This change was made in plenty of time before the start and also announced on VHF.

20160124_122801 (2)An excellent regatta run by PRO Dominique Geniaux & his team on their Committee Boat.

Alas, FIN 85 did not see or hear the change of course so when they sailed through the finish after completing just 2 laps, there was just “Silence” ! By the time Christian and his team had realised the error, the rest of the fleet were rounding the gate and starting their 3rd up wind leg…  Making the most of this situation was FRA 409 “Tsuica” helmed by Gerard Blanc, who seized the chance and went on to win the race with his crew Jean-Gabriel Charton & Pierre Germain. This 1st place helped Gerard and his team to 4th overall, well sailed gentlemen.

Meanwhile also having another good race was RUS 34 “Even Better” helmed by Vasily Senatorov, crewed by Igor Ivashintsov & Slava Varnachkin who followed Gerard home to take 2nd place and more importantly would secure an excellent position of 3rd overall. RUS 27 finished 3rd in this penultimate race, which now made them favourites for the championship…

RP_150823_DRAGGC_9832 (640x426)RUS 34 “Even Better” Vasily Senatorov, Igor Ivashintsov and Slava Varnachkin 3rd overall

In the final race, of this 7 race series, it was FIN 63 and FIN 83 who set the early pace coming from the left side of the first beat as the wind increased. These two teams had a great battle throughout the T3 course, until eventually it was FIN 63 helmed by Lauri Rechardt, crewed by Sami Salomaa & Nicholas Giraud, who finally took the gun. This first place also moved Lauri and his team up to a commendable 5th overall.  FIN 83 helmed by Jouko Lingrend crewed by Thomas Tenkenen & Linolfors Calle finished a creditable 2nd and RUS 35 “Sunflower” 3rd.

So overall it was once again Anatoly Loginov and his team on RUS 27 “Annapurna” who took the title for a second year running…  Well Done !

2nd overall and a very worthy runner up was RUS 35 “Sunflower” Victor Fogelson and 3rd RUS 34 “Even Better” Vasily Senatorov….

20160124_122642 (2)Victor Fogelson with his fantastic team of Oleg Khoperskiy & Slava Kaptiykhin 2nd overall

At the end of this super regatta the 25 teams all sailed back to the Yacht Club de Cannes for craning out and packing away. As usual it all went very smoothly as most competitors simply washed the boats down and covered them over with masts still up, as the Cannes Grade 1 Grand Prix is only a few weeks away……  

I would like to congratulate and thank Dominique Geniaux and his team of helpers/volunteers from the Societe’ des Regates d’Antibes for proving us with an excellent event. 7 races sailed over 3 wonderful summer/winter conditions during January is a great way to spend a long weekend…..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………      Stavros.  (GBR 789).


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NED 373 “Elfje” Wins in Hong Kong.

IMG_6771 (8)NED 373 “Elfje” has Won the 2016 Hong Kong National Championships by 10pts!

The Hong Kong National Championships has finished after 3 days, with 2 days of racing followed by too much wind yesterday. However, there were 6 exciting races for the competitive 18 boat fleet in medium winds, a bumpy sea and an overcast sky.

The winning boat was a visiting team from the Netherlands, NED 373 “Elfje” a Doomernik Dragon helmed by Ronald Pfeiffer, crewed by Boris Bayer and Boat Builder Joop Doomernik.  This happy team took the championship by 10 clear points after recording 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 7 in the 6 races to finish on 9 points (after discard).

DSC_5482 (1)Winning Team from NED 373, Boris Bayer, helm Ronald Pfeiffer & Joop Doomernik.

Joop commented “From the Harbour it appeared very windy but that did not stop the excellent Race Committee sending us out.  In fact the heavy gusts of wind were actually “Vents” blowing through the mountains, so in fact when we got clear of the shores the wind turned out to be ok. There was quite bit of chop and a swell that made the sailing a little rocky, although when we got the “Dragon” into the groove it was good sailing”.

HONGKONGGreat Sailing at the 2016 Hong Kong National Championships, 22nd to 24th Jan.

Finishing 2nd overall and Top “Corinthian” was HKG 46 helmed by the “Legendary” Lowell Chang ….crewed by Simon Wong, Janet Lau & Sam Kwong.

DSC_5398Lowell Chang’s Top Team receive the “Runners Up” & Corinthian Trophy from his wife Phyllis.

3rd overall were the young National Champions from Japan. Helmed by Akira Sawada…crewed by Daisuke Yasuda and Masanori Ikami…    Well done.

12615324_530083103833001_5984968333221228693_o (2)JAP 52 celebrate their 3rd place at the Hong Kong Nationals, led by Helm Akira Sawada.

In closing, assistant organiser Tam Nguyen thanked Andreas Brechbuhl for organising the whole Championship and said “NED 373 sailed very well and consistently over the 6 races, I am pleased to be passing my title to another Doomernik Boat”….

Higher, Faster, Longer………….    Stavros.





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RUS 27 “Annapurna” now lead the Ski Vol….

20140601_144419_LLS (320x180)Alexander Shalagin with Helm Anatoly Loginov and Vadim Statsenko lead by 1pt.

The President du Comite’ de Course Dominique Geniaux managed to orgainse another 3 super races yesterday for the 25 boat fleet taking part in the Ski Vol International run by the “Societe des Regates d’Antibes.

With the first race of the day slightly delayed due to one late arrival !  (EST 17 who woke up to find the Police had removed their car from an inappropriate parking place outside of their Hotel :-) So racing got underway around 10.45am in a shifting 5 to 7 kts of breeze from around 50 degrees…..

In the opening race it was RUS 27 “Annapurna” helmed by Anatoly Loginov who elected to tack immediately after the start and play the right side of the first beat. Two other boats, RUS 34 & GBR 764 also made the right side pay by tacking after getting a clear start and continuing to the right hand corner. These 3 boats had significant advantage when they came back in from the right as many of the fleet had tried the left hand side, which proved not so healthy.

At the end of the T2 course, two upwinds & two down winds, it was RUS 27 who won the race, with RUS 34 “Even Better” helmed by Vasily Senatorov, crewed by Igor Ivashintsov & Slava Varnachkin in 2nd place followed by GBR 764 “Naiad” helmed by Mike Hayles, crewed by his Wife Monique & Malcom Mackley who finished a very deserved 3rd.

For race 2 of the day, (Race 4 of the series), the course was increased to T3, so three windward/leeward legs instead of two. This time the left hand side of the first beat was the way to go, the reason I know this is because that is the way I took my team in “Bear” and we rounded the top mark comfortably in the lead..  Unfortunately, by the time I had taken out my sandwiches from my Mother’s Tupperware container, the whole fleet had gybed inside us leaving the “Bear” in the wilderness!  A lesson to be learned there Stavros…

Meanwhile it was SWE 372 “Dancing Queen” helmed by Johan Larson, crewed by his Wife Catherina & Patrick Aucour who seized the initiative to lead through the down wind gate for the first time. They were closely followed by FRA 409 “Tsuica” helmed by Gerard Blanc, crewed by Jean-Gabriel Charton & Pierre Germain, then FIN 85 “Thouban” helmed by Christian Borenius, crewed by Chris Winter & Richard Permici. These three boats managed to keep their positions throughout the long race, to finish in the same order. 

In the final race of the day it was RUS 35 “Sunflower” who made another excellent start and repeated his victory of race 1 by winning race 5! Fantastic sailing by helm Victor Fogelson, crewed by Oleg Khoperskiy & Slava Kaptiykhin…  This talented team now are 2nd overall just 1pt behind RUS 27.

Also sailing a great final race was GER 19 “Fantomas” helmed by Thomas Scherer, crewed by Volker Tetzlaff & Jorg Mossnang who managed to finish 2nd just ahead of FRA 409 “Tsuica” in 3rd place.  Many congratulations to Gerard Blanc and his team who had a brilliant day recording 4th, 3rd & 2nd.

So with a final two races to be sailed today, lets see who will lift the Trophy? Can Anatoly stay ahead of his fellow Russian friends, RUS 35 (Victor) and RUS 34 (Vasily).  As just behind the Russian Boats is FIN 85 who I am sure will give the top three one hell of a fight today……..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..   Stavros.  (GBR 789).

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Light Winds at the Ski Voile, Antibes….

Ski VolStart of Race 1 of the Ski Voile, run by the Societé des Régates, d’Antibes-Juan les Pins

Two races were completed yesterday for the 25 boat fleet in the wonderful surroundings offered at Juan les Pins in the South of France. The sun shone and a small amount of “varied” wind drifted across the race course from time to time.  There were mixed fortunes for many teams as although the left side of the first beat paid in both races, a number of the fleet had a good race and a bad race….  Some of us even managed to have two bad races :-)

Winner of the first race was RUS 35 “Sunflower” helmed by Victor Folgelson, crewed by Slava Kaptiykhin and Oleg Khoperskiy who made his initial gain from the left side of the course after making an excellent start from the middle of the line. Victor then extended his lead over the two up wind and two down wind legs to finish comfortably ahead of RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov, crewed by Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shaligin in 2nd and SWE 372 Johan Larson, crewed by Katie Larson and Patrick Aucour in 3rd.

In race 2 the left side of the first beat paid again and this time it was our new IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov helming “Even Better” RUS 34 crewed by Igor Ivashintsov and Slava Varnachkin who got it just right to take the lead. This top team extended their lead as the wind came and died to finish well ahead of the fleet taking their deserved victory. In 2nd place was FIN 85 “Thouban” helmed by Christian Bourenius, crewed by Chris Winter and Richard Permici followed in 3rd place EST 17 “ABB FUN” helmed by Mihkel Kosk, crewed by Niklas Jansson and Yulling.

However, the early leaders in the Club House are the ever consistent GBR 801 “Alfie”, helmed by Lawrie Smith, crewed by Tim Tavinor and Joost Houweling who recorded a 4th and 7th place which gives them a 2pt lead.

Three more races are scheduled today (Saturday) and for sure there will be more sunshine in the testing conditions for these lucky Dragon Sailors enjoying themselves during January !!

Higher, Faster, Longer………………..   Stavros.   (GBR 789).

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Hombre’ is the Winner in Cascais…

received_1076292489077346 (2) (1)Cascais Winner’s GBR 769 “Hombre” Rodrigo Vantacich, Nuno Barreto & helm Martin Payne.

At the end of a most exciting final day in Cascais the overall victory had to be decided on count-back as the top 2 boats GBR 769 and POR 66 finished on equal points (16) after 7 fantastic races, with 1 discard. The tie was won by Martin Payne helming GBR 769 “Hombre”, crewed by Nuno Barreto and Rodrigo Vantacich who had recorded 3 race wins during the series…..

POR 66 “Drago” helmed by Jose’ Matoso, crewed by Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo thus had to settle for 2nd place, whilst the current Gold Cup winning team GBR 801 “Alfie” helmed by Lawrie Smith, crewed by Tim Tavinor and Joost Houweling finished just 1 point behind in 3rd place.

The winning “Corinthian” Team was well won and well deserved by SWE 385 “Still Crazy” who also won the last race and finished a very creditable 5th overall, helmed by Stefan Winberg, crewed by Nicola and Thomas Wilton.

12583796_1076292509077344_639558358_n (2)PRO Dragon President Mario Quina with Nicola, Stefan, Thomas & Club Representitives

The final day began with POR 66 having a 2 point lead from GBR 801, with GBR 769 2 points further back. However, after a poor start GBR 769 “Hombre” decided to push all the way to the left hand side of the first upwind leg, as the Easterly wind varied between 6 to 10 kts. Fortune smiled on the brave and although POR 65 was the lead boat at the first mark, GBR 769 was close behind and ahead of his two main rivals…

On the down wind leg, GBR 769 gybed first and overtook POR 65 to lead into the gate, electing to take the right hand mark that would allow them to go to the left side of the course again, where there seemed to be more pressure. Despite a very spirited attempt by GBR 801 “Alfie” on the final down wind leg, Lawrie Smith could not pass the cool and collected “Hombre” team who took the winning gun, so GBR 801 was 2nd and POR 50 “Christmas” Pedro Mendes Leal, crewed by Diogo Cayolla and Jorge Ferlov Ribeiro who finished 3rd.

12575860_1076292542410674_1319905177_n (2)GBR 769 “Hombre” wins race 6 of the series to set up an exciting finish for the final race.

So with POR 66 and GBR 801 now tied on 12 points and GBR 769 on 13 points the stage was set for a cracking final race in a building Easterly breeze and even the sun came out !  With an individual recall sounded at the final start, only GBR 769 elected to return to re-start, but the “X” flag remained displayed, meaning others were over…. GBR 801 chose to go hard left, GBR 769 hard right and POR 66 had to decide from the middle which boat to cover!

In the end both sides came out equal but POR 66 was struggling in the middle. At the first top mark GBR 801 was notified that they were one of the OCS boat’s along with GER 1102, and so made their way back to the Marina. Meanwhile GBR 769 rounded just ahead of POR 66 and despite their best efforts POR 66 could not catch GBR 769 on the down wind leg…  With SWE 385 “Still Crazy” helmed by Stefan Winberg out in front and GER 1123 “Pow Wow” Michael Zankel in 2nd place, GBR 769 now had to hold onto 3rd place to take the overall victory. This is exactly what happened….

12539895_1076292515744010_548385462_nRunners Up Overall POR 66 “Drago”, Frederico Melo, Gustavo Lima & Helm Jose’ Matoso

It was a fantastic three days of sailing in this wonderful part of the world. The Club Naval de Cascais put on complementary “Hot” Meals and a “Happy Hour” each day and a great time was had by all….

12583671_1076292505744011_715437489_n3rd Overall  GBR 801 “Alfie”  Tim Tavinor, helm Lawrie Smith & Joost Houweling.

In closing Martin Payne thanked the Club’s helpers and volunteer’s for all their hard work, complemented his crew Nuno & Rodrigo, and thanked Portugal for having much better weather than most of Europe :-)

Higher, Faster, Longer………………..       Stavros.  (GBR 769).




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Jose’ Takes the Lead in Cascais….

12583890_1075771622462766_384768366_nPOR 66 “Drago” helmed by Jose’ Matoso, crewed by Gustavo Lima & Frederico Melo.

It was another perfect “sunny” sailing day for the 3rd Cascais Winter Series, as the predicted 10 to 12kt Easterly blew in from Lisbon across the flat waters off the Estoril coastline. With three more races completed the regatta is beginning to take shape as the “cream” rises to the top :-)

In the first race of the day (race 3 of the series), GER 1123 “Pow Wow” helmed by Michael Zankel, crewed by Pedro Andrade & Phil Blinn showed why they have won both earlier Winter Series events (in Nov & Dec 2015) as they made an excellent start at the pin end of the line and were able to lead the fleet in towards the shore. At the appropriate time, “Pow Wow” tacked and crossed the fleet, which gave them a slender lead at the top mark, just ahead of GBR 801 “Alfie” helmed by Lawrie Smith & ESP 71 “Gunter” Javier Scherk.

12516512_1075771619129433_712640236_nGER 1123 “Pow Wow” Michael Zankel, Pedro Andrade & Phil Blinn win race 3 of the series.

After a down wind, a second up wind and a final down wind “Pow Wow” was able to hold onto her lead and win the race from GBR 801 Lawrie Smith, Tim Tavinor & Joost Houweling 2nd and ESP 71 Javier Scherk, Diogo Barros & Paulo Manso 3rd.

In the second race of the day (race 4 of the series) it was once again GBR 769 “Hombre” who showed a clean pair of heels off the start line to open up a substantial lead for Martin Payne, Nuno Barretto and Rodrigo Vantacich. In fact despite POR 66 Jose’ Matoso and GBR 801 Lawrie Smith trying their hardest to make inroads into “Hombre’s” lead, they eventually had to settle for 2nd and 3rd respectively as the winning margin at the end of the two up wind and two down wind course was a full 4 minutes….

12431282_1075771625796099_1467088747_nGBR 769 “Hombre” Martin Payne, Nuno Barretto and Rodrigo Vantacich win race 4 of the series.

For the final race of the day, (race 5 of the series), it was POR 66 “Drago” that made a brilliant start at the pin end and sailed very fast all the way to the left. When they eventually tacked on the lay line, Jose’ and his top Professional Team of Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo made a perfect call to round the top mark ahead of GER 1123 “Pow Wow” and GBR 801 “Alfie”. This is how the top three boats finished giving Jose’ and his team the current overall lead after 5 races….

12583910_1075771605796101_456814196_nPOR 66 “Drago” Jose’ Matoso, Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo win race 5 of the series.

So the standings after 5 of the 7 races sailed (after discard) : 2 races to go.

POR 66 “Drago”   8pts.      GBR 801 “Alfie”  10pts.   GBR 769 “Hombre”  12pts.

Although the fleet has been small (14 boats) the racing has been of the highest standard, with just the slightest mistake costing an unlucky team two or three places…  The Race Officer of the Club Naval de Cascais has done an excellent job setting good true courses, perfect start lines and equal gates. The turn around time between races has been quick and even when a giant Tanker elected to moor up right in the middle of the race area, a new course was set in a matter of minutes, so many congratulations to Jose Cancella our PRO… 

Top “Corinthian” Team is SWE 385 “Still Crazy” helmed by Stefan Winberg, crewed by Nicola and Thomas Wilton. This very experienced team are currently 5th overall and are putting together an excellent series…

12571174_1075771615796100_934175606_nLeading “Corinthians” SWE 385 “Still Crazy” make a very good start in the middle of the line.

With two more races to go, it’s still up for grabs as to who will win the event. The forecast is again good so another great day of sailing is eagerly anticipated by all the fortunate sailors who have made the effort to travel to Portugal.  It is hoped that more boats will be joining in the fun as there are two more Winter Series to go (Feb & March) and the fantastic Grade 1 Juan Carlos Trophy in April. With the next World Championships also here in Cascais in June 2017, why not get your boat down here?  You will not be disappointed…..   :-)

Higher, Faster, Longer………           Stavros.   (GBR 769).

A Huge THANK YOU once again to Ricardo Pinto, our excellent Dragon Photographer…!!







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Hombre’ Wins First Race of 2016 (in Europe).

12576067_1075492935823968_787228833_nHombre’ GBR 769 helmed by Martin Payne, crewed by Nuno Barreto & Rodrigo Vantacich

The  3rd Cascais Winter Series got off to a flying start yesterday to open the 2016 European Dragon Circuit in glorious sunshine and a nice North Westerly breeze that kept the competitive 14 boat fleet on their toes….

Race 1 started on time at 2pm with an individual recall, although 2 boats went back to re-start, ESP 71 “Gunter” was the OCS boat. With the wind shifting as it blew over the mountains and town of Estoril there were opportunities for big gains if you chose the right or left side of the first beat. Indeed it was GBR 769 “Hombre” and SWE 385 “Still Crazy” who sailed into more pressure on the right side. These two boats extended from the fleet throughout the race of two up winds and two downwind legs to finish 1st and 2nd, with POR 66 “Drago” 3rd.

12540422_1075491269157468_609959166_nSWE 385 “Still Crazy” helmed by Stefan Winberg, crewed by Nicola & Thomas Wilton.

In race 2 the wind had dropped a little and moved more to the North, so it was the left hand side that paid handsomely on the first beat. This time it was the “Golden Boy’s” of GBR 801 “Alfie” helemd by Lawrie Smith, crewed by Tim Tavinor and Joost Houweling (Current Gold Cup Holders), who chose correctly and led throughout the race of three up winds and two down winds.

12571003_1075491275824134_1338763720_nGBR 801 “Alfie” Lawrie Smith, Tim Tavinor and Joost Houweling win race 2 yesterday.

Also having another consistently top finish was POR 66 “Drago”, helmed by former European Champion Jose’ Matoso, crewed by Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo. This top team followed up their 3rd in race 1 with a 2nd in race 2. Meanwhile, SWE  385 “Still Crazy” Stefan Winberg, was also having another excellent race to finish 3rd and are currently equal 1st on 5 pts with Lawrie Smith and Jose’ Matoso. “Hombre” is just 1pt behind on 6pts.

Today the wind is forecast from the East and three more races are scheduled . The sun has already climbed high over the horizon and more local boats will join in the sailing today as it’s the weekend…..   More results & action photo’s from our “Amazing” Professional Ricardo Pinto to follow…..

Higher, Faster, Longer………        Stavros.   (GBR 769).


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Cannes, Cascais, Douarnenez & Kuhlungsborn are Calling in 2016……

RP_150507_GPGuyader_3198 (2)A Large & Competitive Fleet are expected to return to Douarnenez in 2016 for the Grade 1 event.

Our Four  European “Grade 1″ Events for 2016 are receiving an exciting new “Make Over” in order to bring more consistency and fun to these top International Dragon Regatta’s. Each 4 day event will have 8 races, 1 discard, sailing full Windward Leeward courses, (3 upwind, 2 downwind leg’s).

Bringing in a “Standard” set of Sailing Instructions (with a few local changes) will mean that Sailors spend more time racing and less time waiting  :-)

Cannes will “Kick Off” the new format next February (24/27), followed by Cascais in April (7/10), Douarnenez in May (4/7), concluding with Kuhlungsborn in June (22/25). Each regatta will have an excellent Race Management Team offering everything Dragon Sailors wish for… Yes it is Xmas Folks…..

For those sailors who were disappointed in Douarnenez last time, we have some excellent news….  Our International Race Officer Philippe Faure (who did a brilliant job for us at the Worlds in La Rochelle), will be running the event making sure he sets these “Full Length Courses” in the middle of the bay! There will also be a “warm up” day on May 3rd offering some practice races and a general fun day to get the proceedings up and running for 2016.

AUAE 20 “Desert Eagle” winners from 2015 will be in Douarnenez to defend their title…

In closing can I wish all of my “die hard” Blog reader’s a Very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year…   My wish for 2016 is great sailing for all, please try to support our Europeans in St Petersberg and the Gold Cup in Hornbaek. (Both events will be of the highest Race Management Standard and not to be missed).

May you all Sail….   Higher, Faster, Longer……      Stavros.



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“GER 1123″ Michael Zankel Wins in Cascais.

RP151206_CDWS2S_4402 (3)“Pow Wow” GER 1123 Win the 2015 Prince Henry the Navigator Trophy in Cascais.

It was a series of 6 races which saw the top 4 boats finish with 4 points of each other…. It was a close as that, proving once again the high standard of racing we continue to see in the Dragon Class. However, the “Pow Wow” team won the final race to snatch the Victory and add yet another Trophy to their impressive cabinet, so very well done to Michael Zankel, Pedro Andrade and Phil Blinn.


Dmitry signal’s “Number 1″ after winning 2 races on the final day, a great effort & well done!

In 2nd place overall, just 1pt behind was RUS 76 “Strange Little Girl” helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, crewed by Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev. This superb and very popular Russian team fought hard on the final day by winning 2 of the 3 races !

RP151206_CDWS2S_4298Another superb photo taken by “Professional” Ricardo Pinto at the start of race 6.

Perhaps making the best impression of the weekend was Nicola Friesen helming her new acquisition “Smaug” GER 1140, which she purchased from fellow German Sailor, Marcus Brennecke earlier this year.  Nicola started her Dragon Sailing many years ago with her Father on Lake Alster, in Hamburg. Now 20 years later, she is back at the helm and really sailing well with her top crew Vincent Hoesch and Oliver Mose to finish an incredible 3rd overall…  1pt ahead of former European Champion Jose Matoso and his top Olympians.

RP151206_CDWS2S_8658 (2)3rd Overall GER 1140 “Smaug” here we see Nicola (holding her prize) with Mario Quina, Vincent Hoesch, Oliver Mose,  Nichola Wilton & Club Naval Vice Pesident Jose’ Matoso.

The top “Corinthian” team was SWE 385 “Still Crazy” helmed by Stefan Winberg, crewed by Thomas & Nichola Wilton. This “experienced” team recorded a 2nd & a 4th within their results and showed great speed at times…. and Nichola’s Swedish is coming along nicely :-)

RP151206_CDWS2S_8651 (2)Top Corinthians… Thomas & Nichola with Mario, Stefan & Jose, receiving their prize.

At the Prize Giving the Club Vice President Jose Matos, thanked the visitors for attending the regatta and congratulated the winners. Also Jose invited more teams to join in the fun early next year where the fleet will grow in numbers as they all look forward the Juan Carlos Trophy in April 2016.

Meanwhile Michael Zankel, or should I say “Captain Ahab Zankel” was rushing back home to star in the “Peter Pan” Christmas Panto……….  as   Captain Hook    :-)


Higher, Faster, Longer…………………………..    Stavros.

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