“Danish” Double…for Martin Palsson.

Danish National Champion’s… Martin Palsson, Thomas Wallenfeldt & Peter Lindh. (Top the Podium).

Martin Palsson helming SWE 401 has followed up his recent Swedish National Title by winning the Danish Nationals this weekend, crewed by Thomas Wallenfeldt & Peter Lindh. This is the second year in succession Martin has won the Danish Title after winning last year in Skovshoved.  So a “Danish Double” for Martin…

5 races were completed over the first 2 days at the Frederikshaven Sailing Club, but unfortunately no races could be sailed due to lack of wind today (Sunday). This meant that SWE 401 who dominated the championship recording 4 wins and discarding a 3rd place, finished on just 4pts. An excellent championship for this top Swedish team. In 2nd place overall was DEN 332 helmed by David Holm, crewed by Lars Stenfeldt Hansen & Bo Selko counting three 2nd places and a 4th to finish on 10pts.

  No wind on the final day in Frederikshaven, but the 10 teams had a very enjoyable Championship.

3rd overall was DEN 410 Jens Christensen helming his brand new Petticrows V6+, crewed by Anders Bagger & Thomas Schmidt who finished on 15pts.

This championship really tested the teams after really tough conditions on the opening day. With winds between 20 to 30 kts, it meant that the 3rd race of the day had to be cancelled. Martin told me “On Saturday, the wind was between 10 to 12 kts, but it was extremely foggy. With visibility sometimes down to 50 to 100 metres the compass and time calculation for every leg was crucial. Finding the marks and getting the lay lines was difficult but it was a fantastic day for us with 3 bullets!”   Well done to team SWE 401….

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..     Stavros.







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Bakkers are Belgian Champions 2019

From 8-11 August the Belgian Open Championship was sailed in Ostend in a variety of wind and weather conditions.
The local fleet welcomed friends from Medway, Burnham-On-Crouch, Muiden, Aalsmeer, Alkmaar, and 21 entrants enjoyed great, close racing.

After 7 races the Championship was won, for the 2nd time, by NED422-Elephant, team Bakker, followed by 3 Belgian teams: BEL80-Flat Out, Team Ben Van Cauwenbergh (Belgian champion 2017), BEL79-Princess Sofie, Team Alex Helsen (Belgian champion 2018) and BEL88-White Pearl, Team Guy Celis. In 5th place was GBR788-Quicksilver VI sailed by Rob Campbell and Tim Tavinor – also former Belgian champions.
The social part of the event (pontoon drinks, BBQ and buffet gala dinner were enjoyed and much appreciated by all the participants.

Full entry list and results may be found at:



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Cowes Week 2019

Cowes Week 2019 saw a full barrage of Autumnal weather conditions batter the island. This resulted in the first two days of racing being cancelled for many of the fleets and classes. While many used the time to watch the exciting SailGP races from Egypt Point many more were chomping at the bit to get racing.

The Solent continued to produce a wide range of weather conditions during the week. The nine Dragons and 30 sailors raced through winds of 25 knots, rain squalls and rough seas. Graham Bailey’s Aimee sailed a great regatta with a near clean sweep of bullets to take overall first place. Onboard Aimee  Graham was joined by an all-female crew of Julia Bailey, Sophie Heritage and Gillian Hamilton.

Martin ‘Stavros’ Payne commented: “It was an amazing result this week for team Aimee. The winds were extreme for Dragon racing with big sea’s and vicious unpredictable gusts. The three girl power team crewing with Graham did a great job in all manoeuvres, in particular genoa tacking/sheeting and spinnaker hoists & drops. This was full-on sailing!”

Graham Bailey’s Aimee was not the only team with three women onboard. Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa, helmed by Gavia who is a huge advocate for encouraging women sailors to join the Dragons, included two female crew along with regular team member Mark Hart.

It was testing conditions for all sailors on the Solent and it was great to see the Dragon class proving that you do not need to be big, or a man or an adult or fully fit to go racing. It was fantastic to see Richard Davies helming the beautiful Flotation in the conditions and still pushing hard with a second place on day three.

To read more and for full results visit www.britishdragons.org/cowes-week-2019/

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Martin Pålsson is Swedish National Champion

Swedish National Champions 2019

Last weekend the Swedish Nationals were sailed on the east coast of Sweden, at Mönsterås. This is a small local very active yacht club with a big Dragon class commitment. There are 9 active dragons sailing weekly in local competitions every Thursday. This atmosphere that is valued by Dragon sailors the World over came through during the whole National Championship event. The whole set up was run by volunteers from the local club who provided perfect race and shoreside management.
28 Dragons from England, Denmark and Sweden competed on the waters outside Mönsterås. 8 races were completed in everything from 2 knots to 28 knots.
Strong competition and tight racing meant it came down to the last race to find the winner. This was Martin Pålsson, Gustav Gärdebäck, and Göran Alm (pictured here).

Full results here: https://www.sailwave.com/results/SMNMDrake2019.htm

The Swedish fleet is well advanced in its planning for Gold Cup 2021.

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Hong Kong Open Dragon Championship 15-17 November 2019

Hong Kong Open Dragon Championship 15-17 November 2019 at Middle Island / Lamma
For NOR and SI check here
Contacts Roberto betomarinelli@me.com or Victor victorwhpang@gmail.com
Great thanks our loyal Sponsors

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Dragon European Cup Series 2019 – Ranking After Three Events

RUS 76 Dmitry Samokhin, with Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev lead overall so far…

With just one more Grade 1 (Nov 11th-14th) to go the competition to finish in the top 20 is going to be electric in November at Puerto Portals…   Sailors must compete in this last Grade 1 to stand a chance of making the “Finals” which will also be held in Puerto Portals 15th & 16th Nov, immediately after the Grade 1.  This is the first time the IDA have linked all 4 Grade 1’s together, as top Dragon Teams from all over the World battle for the Sami Salomaa sculptured bronze model “Flow”… and the title of 2019 Dragon European Cup Champions in our 90th Anniversary year!

The winner takes it all…. (well for 1 year anyway) this magnificent bronze trophy “Flow”.

The final 20 will also include a percentage of Corinthian Teams… leading the Corinthians at the moment is SWE 389 helmed by Karl Kustaf-Lohr, currently in 17th position. Hot on his heels are Martin Palsson, Tanja Jacobsohn, Philip Dohse and Xavier Vanneste all keen to make the finals…

The top 20 boats will have 3 or 4 fleet races on day one of the finals, with just 10 teams progressing to the second day. Then Quater-Finals, Semi-Finals & eventually a Final race between just the top 4 teams to see who will be crowned the Champions. It’s all happening in the Dragon Class my friends… Get yourself over to Palma de Mallorca to join in the fun….  🙂

Higher, Longer, Faster….   Stavros.

Dragon European Cup Series 2019 – Provisional Results After Three Regattas

Sail No Helm Boat Name FRA POR GER Pts Pos
RUS76 Dmitry Samokhim Rocknrolla 6 4 1 11 1
NED412 Pieter Heerema Troika 8 3 3 14 2
SUI311 Hugo Stenbeck Sophie Racing 5 2 9 16 3
RUS27 Anatoly Loginov Anapurna 10 7 5 22 4
GER1205 Otto Pohlmann Meerblick 16 9 4 29 5
FRA428 Gery Trentesaux Bande a Part 14 8 8 30 6
JPN56 Peter Gilmour Yred 15 13 2 30 7
RUS35 Victor Fogelson Sunflower 29 17 15 61 8
RUS34 Vasily Senatorov To Be Continued 24 11 39 74 9
GBR820 Grant Gordon Louise Racing 3 1 89 93 10
POR84 Pedro Rebelo de Andrade Mercury 1 6 89 96 11
GER1170 Marcus Brennecke Cameleer 4 89 6 99 12
GER1162 Stephan Link Desert 7 89 7 103 13
MON2 Jens Rathsack Jeanie 12 5 89 106 14
FRA420 Stephane Baseden Outlaw 13 15 89 117 15
GER1207 Nicola Friesen Khaleesi 19 89 14 122 16
SWE389 Karl-Gustaf Lohr Hightimes 20 89 16 125 17
GER33 Tommy Muller Sinewave 2 89 37 128 18
ITA77 Evgeny Braslavets Bunker Prince 9 89 30 128 19
SWE375 Martin Palsson 5I12 27 89 12 128 20
SUI313 Dirk Oldenburg Free 32 89 10 131 21
SUI318 Wolf Waschkuhn 1Quick1 25 89 18 132 22
GER1186 Tania Jacobsohn Goldkante 11 89 34 134 23
GER1151 Philip Dohse Puck IV 34 89 11 134 24
BEL82 Xavier Vanneste Herbie 89 26 22 137 25
RUS31 Mikhail Senatorov Integrity 45 89 20 154 26
ESP71 Javier Scherk Gunter 89 10 89 188 27
GBR769 Martin Payne Mars 89 11 89 189 28
GER1058 Kai-Michael Schaper Sabine IV 89 89 13 191 29
POR83 Pedro Mendes Leal Neptune 89 14 89 192 30
POR56 Miguel Magalhees Peggy 89 16 89 194 31
HUN57 Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi Johanna 17 89 89 195 32
GER1184 Reemt Reemstsma Caroroo 89 89 17 195 33
IRL201 Martin Byrne Jaguar Sailing Team 89 18 89 196 34
GER1203 Maximillian Dohse Rocco S 18 89 89 196 35
SUI315 Rennie Miller Dignity 89 19 89 197 36
UAE9 Jan Woortman Sapphire 89 89 19 197 37
POR58 Henrique Costa e Silva Maria 3 89 20 89 198 38
NED411 Charlotte ten Wolde Olinghi 89 21 89 199 39
RUS98 igor Goikhberg Zenith 21 89 89 199 40
GER805 Felix Oehme Pink 89 89 21 199 41
POR81 Jahvarn Knight Scaramouche 89 22 89 200 42
FRA391 Jean Breger Ulysse 22 89 89 200 43
BEL88 Guy Celis White Pearl 89 23 89 201 44
GER77 Ingo Ehrlicher Dottore Amore 23 89 89 201 45
GER1218 Helmut Schmidt Kleine Brise 89 89 23 201 46
POR47 Manuel Rocha Catarina III 89 24 89 202 47
GER1069 Ralf Doebler Delphi 89 89 24 202 48
POR66 Pedro Beckert Drago 89 25 89 203 49
GER1087 Dirk Rose Dirty Harry 89 89 25 203 50
FIN83 Jouko Lindgren Lisa 26 89 89 204 51
GER981 Tilmann Krackhardt Haudrachen 89 89 26 204 52
BEL83 Peter De Gryse Cogito 89 27 89 205 53
GER922 Tobias Brinkman Sloop John B 89 89 27 205 54
POR50 Diogo Diniz Artic Tern 89 28 89 206 55
FRA421 Alain Lathioor Revolte 28 89 89 206 56
GER1167 Hans Behr Panic 89 89 28 206 57
IRL206 Jonathan Bourke Cloud 89 29 89 207 58
GER1044 Horst-Wilhelm Stroh Scarabeo 89 89 29 207 59
EST16 Mikhel Kosk Port Artur 30 89 89 208 60
FIN91 Sami Salomaa Paloma 31 89 89 209 61
GER1055 Axel Wilde Skugga 89 89 31 209 62
GER19 Thomas Braune FanTomas 89 89 32 210 63
SWE390 Per Gabrielsson Katala 33 89 89 211 64
GER996 Gunther Krober 50 Deg North 89 89 33 211 65
GBR761 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Jerboa 35 89 89 213 66
SUI341 Urs Ruppli Alefanz 89 89 35 213 67
LAT3 Anna Basalkina Avelat 36 89 89 214 68
AUT277 Stefan Deschka 89 89 36 214 69
FRA409 Gerard Blanc Tsuica 37 89 89 215 70
GER1196 Wolfgang Bays Casaar 89 89 38 216 71
GER1134 Olaf Sternel Hunting Duck 39 89 89 217 72
NED305 Bram de Wilde Dawn 40 89 89 218 73
RUS6 Alexander Schmid 89 89 40 218 74
GER16 Dirk Pramann Ingrid 89 89 40 218 75
GER1120 Nikolai Alexander von Stempel Blue Pik 89 89 40 218 76
FRA423 Etienne Lafon Ginkgo 41 89 89 219 77
FRA430 Bruno Jourdren Corto 5 42 89 89 220 78
SUI291 Yves Gaussen New Skin 43 89 89 221 79
DEN233 Lars Broen Hotlips 44 89 89 222 80
FRA403 Didier Cuny Adrenalin 46 89 89 224 81
GBR633 Ron James Fei-Lin’s Flirtation 47 89 89 225 82
DEN404 Klaus Rasmussen Flawless 48 89 89 226 83
FRA412 Stewart Reed Irina 49 89 89 227 84
SUI322 Walter J Zuercher Gitane Eight 50 89 89 228 85
EST7 Taavo Tenno Chimaera 51 89 89 229 86
SUI296 Justus Kniffka Ariston 89 89 89 267 87
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Austrian National Title for Yvgeni Braslavets…

     43 Dragons line up in Austrian Nationals organised by the Union Yacht Club, Attersee.

It was a record attendance for the Austrian Dragon Fleet as 43 teams from 5 Nations (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria) raced their state championships from 25th-28th July in Attersee.

On the first day of racing the fleet sailed in the “Rosenwind” (north-east wind) with 10kts and brilliant sunshine, ideal Dragon conditions. Race 1 was won by ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets, with SUI 325 Jorg Wittwer 2nd and AUT 167 Andreas Hagara from the local UYCA 3rd.  Race 2 was won by GER 1164 Markus Glas, 2nd GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch & 3rd ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets who now held a commanding overall lead on just 4pts.

Another clear start at the Austrian Nationals in Attersee…photo by Irene Schanda.

Unfortunately day 2 came with no wind but the sun still shone brightly and the 129 sailors prepared for an evening party to celebrate the 90th anniversary…  Day 3 saw two more races completed, again ITA 77 won race 3 with AUT 175 Peter Resch (UYCA) 2nd and GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch 3rd. 

Another photo by Irene Schanda from UYCA’s shortly after the start

Race 4 was won by AUT 204 Christoph Skolaut, who did not know at this time would turn out to be a very important victory. 2nd place was GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch & 3rd ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets…  Although racing was attempted on the final day, the 5th race had to be abandoned as the wind died. So the championship was decided on the 4 races, with 1 discard.

The top 3 teams on the Podium in Attersee,

1st ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets, Sergey Pugachev & Sergey Timokhov.

2nd GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch, Tim Tavinor & Harald Pessi.

3rd GER 1164 Markus Glas, Phillip Ocker & Herbert Enerichr.

Meanwhile the overall placings for the Austrian Teams was decided on the outcome of Race 4 as local sailor Peter Resch helming AUT 175 held a comfortable lead, only to see his advantage disappear due to a knotted sheet… thus losing several places.  His misfortune and AUT 204 race victory gave Christoph Skolaut, Georg Skolaut & Martin Lutz the Austrian State Championship and 4th place in the overall standings.

The Silver Medal went to AUT 175 Peter Resch, Wilibald Hauer & Justin Kurtz. Whilst Bronze in the State Championship went to AUT 167 Andreas Hagara, Martin Fussi, Helmut Wollner & Dietmar Gfreiner.  Very well done to all these teams…..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………    Stavros.


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Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup 2019

The 71st British Dragon Nationals, the Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup, came to a close on Thursday 18 July after two final races were sailed.

The event was shortened by a day due to an increasing weather front approaching the Irish Sea but all six championship races were successfully sailed thanks to the organisation of the SCYC race team. 

The start of the Edinburgh Cup enjoyed classic summer weather with sunshine and light south easterly breezes. It increased during the week as the wind veered and strengthened from the south with a rolling swell. 

The 33 Dragons, including several visitors from Ireland, Turkey, Scotland and the United States, were part of very close competitive racing across the three days. 

Northern Championship winner Mike Budd and his team onboard Harry led from the start with a bullet in race one and race six. Utilising every bit of local knowledge they sailed well every day to hold off the top three chasing Dragons. 

Martin Byrne’s 2011 Championship winning team of Adam Winklemann and Pedro Andrade on Jaguar were focused on a second Edinburgh Cup win. Two race wins and a tactically astute attitude led them to the podium once again. 

Reigning Champions Graham and Julia Bailey’s Aimee went into the last race on equal points with Bear carrying a win from race four. 

Not placing outside of the top ten Martin Payne’s Bear put in some great results to add pressure to the 2018 Champions onboard Aimee, challenging them for a podium position. 

Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa team of four successfully claimed the race three win using the advantageous left-hand lane and tide to come out on top. It was not quite enough to challenge the top three, placing 5th overall. 

Within the top ten were four Corinthian Dragons led by Aimee in 4th overall, Mark Wade’s Avalanche, David William’s Phantom and Paddy Atkinson’s Seafire. 


  1. HARRY Mike Budd, Adam Bowers, Mark Greaves
  2. JAGUAR Martin Byrne, Adam Winklemann, Pedro Andrade
  3. BEAR Martin Payne, Chris Grosscurth, Emma York


  1. AIMEE Graham Bailey, Julia Bailey, Will Heritage, Will Bedford
  2. AVALANCHE Mark Wade, Many Wade, Chris Brittain
  3. PHANTOM David Williams, Peter Bowring, John O’Connor 

Winner of the inaugural Seagull Trophy for the first placed lady Corinthian helm went to Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, skipper of Jerboa who placed 5th overall. 

The Jordan Bell trophy was presented to Simon Barter, James Barter and Donald Wilks on Bertie as the top Dragon to have not placed 5th or higher. 

Phormerly Phantom, skippered by Chris Thomas with Selina Thomas and Charlie Pearson were awarded the trophy for the highest placed ‘old’ Dragon, built in 1994 or earlier. 

Next year’s Edinburgh Cup will be hosted by the Royal Forth Yacht Club, Edinburgh from Tuesday 30 June to Friday 3 July 2020. 


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Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup 2019 Day Three

Edinburgh Cup 2019 day three

An overnight change in the weather forecast pre-empted an adjustment to the sailing schedule for the 33 Dragons and over 100 sailors.

With very heavy weather and strong winds predicted for Friday it was confirmed that the crew’s race would be abandoned, and two races would be run to finish the championship.

A strengthening 10-15 knot SW breeze and rollers were present for the start of race five along with a lot of ebb tide. A general recall under flag U led to a black flag start that saw four boats over the line and another recall.

Start three was successful and 29 Dragons sailed up the bay with Martin Byrne’s Jaguar, Mike Budd’s Harry, Paddy Atkinson’s Seafire, Mike Breivik’s Mars and Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa leading into the windward mark.

Fast sailing downwind resulted in Martin Payne’s Bear and Rob Campbell’s Quicksilver VI pulling back up to the leaders over taking Jerboa and Mars.

After a final 2nm beat the course was shortened to finish at the final downwind gate with Jaguar and Harry finishing seconds apart followed by Bear and Quicksilver VI.

Race six and the final race to count started with a general recall, but an all clear second start saw the fleet split with Graham Bailey’s Aimee and Bear taking the pin-end and a left-hand lane up the beat. Aimee held out longer on the left and this paid hugely for them coming out at the windward mark in the top six. Joining them at the mark was current leaders, Harry along with Mars, Avalanche, Tim Pearson’s ZU and Patrick Lomax’s Good Grief.

A packed windward spreader resulted in many Dragons gybing off to get away from the tide. Holding on to the lead and taking an inner lane downwind was Harry followed by Aimee, Avalanche, David William’s Phantom, Richard Leask’s Kestra and ZU.

Going into the gate and taking the right-hand mark Mike Budd was having some serious issues with his genoa halyard and it looked like the end of his race! Avalanche tacked off to clear their air behind Harry and sailed out towards the right and the shoreline along with Harryot.

The majority of the fleet chose the right taking the land breeze close to SCYC that saw Jaguar and Seafire pull ahead. A long run down to the final leeward gate had Harry, Seafire, Aimee and Jaguar in the leading pack followed by a fast running Bear.

The four top boats ran to the right and middle for a very close finish. Martin Payne spotted another breeze on the left coming from the island with more tide so chose the last of the ebb tide to take him to the finish right behind Seafire.

Click here for the full Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup results >>>

All the races of the 2019 Edinburgh Cup are now complete, and all results are final. Follow us at www.facebook.com.BritishDragonAssociation for more news and images from tonight’s’ prize giving.

Photo: Andy Green, Sea Green Photography

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Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup 2019 Day Two

Sailors swapped suncream and shorts for foulies and boots on day two of the Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup in Abersoch.

A stronger south westerly breeze and rolling Irish Sea was already waiting for the competitors as they sailed out for the start of race three. With the tide pushing the Dragons over the line a general recall lead to the black flag being displayed for the second start. All but one Dragon got away cleanly with the fleet being split left and right.

Some of those that chose to take the left-hand lane and get in the tide came out at the windward mark in front. Mike Budd’s Harry led Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa, Rob Campbell’s Quicksilver VI and David William’s Phantom and the fleet downwind followed closely by Martin Payne’s Bear.

Sticking with the right and the lifting breeze Bear gained a place downwind overtaking Quicksilver VI at the gate. Over on the left and gaining on the downwind legs Jerboa took the lead from Harry who held off Irish National Champion Phantom.

Winners of the Kin Trophy Jerboa’s Patrick Rigby and Jake Hardman said of their Dragon experience so far: “We recently sailed the Dragon Gold Cup with Gavia, and this is our second event as a team. We are both part of the British Keelboat Academy and we are working to help promote younger sailors into Dragons. Today has been really challenging, but brilliant fun, it was full throttle all the way round.”

A rain bearing front and larger sea state kicked in for the start of race four as the Dragons sailed up the 1.8nm beat. Tide and breeze split the fleet with Mark Wade’s Avalanche, Graham Bailey’s Aimee and Phantom choosing to go left towards the windward mark at St. Tudwal’s island.

A packed spreader leg saw Bear and Martin Byrne’s Jaguarapproach from the right joining the leading front runners downwind. Choosing the left-hand gate and sailing towards the shoreline Aimee and Bear increased their presence on the racecourse. This allowed Graham Bailey to cross and overtake Jaguar while Avalanche stayed hot on the heels of Bear.

With Aimee taking the win in race four and claiming the Terry Wade Memorial Trophy, it is all change to the overall results.

Racing today starts at 1055. Follow us at www.facebook.com.BritishDragonAssociation for live race updates and news from the racecourse.

For full results click here >>>

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