Information regarding Dragon Plans

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Information regarding Dragon Plans

Post by IDA » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:29 pm

Description Date of Plan Date of Amendment /Issue number
1 Hull and Keel and Offsets March 1990 November 1994, April 1997, Feb 2001 (Issue 6)
2 Keel Sections and Detail of heel March 1990 November 1994 (Issue 4)
3 Template Plan February 2001 (Issue A)
4 Construction plan - Wood March 1990 June 1991, Feb/Mar 1992, July/Nov 1994 (Issue 5)
5 Construction plan - GRP March 1990 July/November 1994, March 2002 (Issue 6)
6 Sail and Rigging Plan March 1990 June 1991, Feb/Mar 1992, Nov 1994 (Issue 4) March 2002 (Issue 5), March 2005 (Issue 6)
7 Finished Keel Templates (Full Size) March 1997
8 Hull Offsets and Templates
(Full Size) February 1999 February 2001 (Issue C)

The price for a full set of Plans 1 – 7 is £120 or £25 each including postage & packing. Please e-mail Jill Hayward (IDA) with your requirements. Various methods of payment are possible but the IDA does not accept credit cards, or PayPal.

Notes on Plan Plan 8c

Plan 8c complements the Offset Table (Plan 1 Issue 6) by defining the shape of the hull at full scale at the template stations, and hence the shape of the hull templates. It has been produced in CAD (computer-aided-drawing) format, which means that we can produce templates from the CAD file using suitable computer-operated machinery.

When the plan is plotted at full scale as a drawing, the accuracy of plotting machines is such that there may be small dimensional errors. Accordingly Plan 8c should only be used for checking the shape of templates or hulls after the plot has first been carefully checked and calibrated with an accurate ruler against the offset table. [Official checks should only be carried out by persons authorized to do so by IDA and ISAF]

Plan 8c could be useful for a builder to establish the shape of building frames for a new boat, to check hull shape at non-measured stations (only the offsets are shown at these stations) or for their own unofficial checks of template shape. However, if the IDA does supply Plan 8c for these reasons, it must be clearly stated that:

"The IDA does not guarantee the dimensional accuracy of any resulting plot of Plan 8c. It is for guidance only and should be carefuIIy checked each time before use to allow for possible shrinkage or distortion of the drawing film and any errors in the plotting machine".

AutoCAD .dwg files can only be opened from within the AutoCAD software. You will not be able to open or view the drawing unless you are: A) running AutoCAD, or B) some other dedicated software specifically designed to view dwg files. The cost of the Plan is £300 and it will be e-mailed or sent on disk.

Hard Copy AutoCAD plots as per AutoCAD LT.dwg - £120 to include postage & packing

NB: A separate Appendix containing rules concerning carvel construction and wooden spars is available from the ISAF. Tel: +44 (0) 2380 635111 Fax +44 (0) 2380 635789 e-mail:

Builders are reminded that in order to build a boat, a license to do so must be obtained from The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) – contact details as above.

Please note that all
prices are correct as of February 2006 but are subject to change

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E mail availability for 50 L is great!

Post by Bret Landrith » Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:09 pm

I am glad to see the plans are now available via email for 50 Pounds. Instant gratification is good and at a reduced price!

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