Ceremony of Dragon d'Or - Final Results 2012

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Ceremony of Dragon d'Or - Final Results 2012

Post by GaileSailing » Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:38 pm

(Traduction Google)
Speech delivery of "Golden Dragon 2012"
September 24, 2012, the Yacht Club de Cannes

Dear All, Dear Friends,

Here we are again meeting Dragon cocktail Yacht Club de Cannes, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you all on the occasion of the 34 th edition of the "Regates Royales".

Despite a difficult world, the Yacht Club de Cannes, has again attracted this year the best crews Dragon, and each participant is thanked for his commitment here to make our races Cannes, a successful example.

For this 4th edition of "Dragon d'Or", which I remind you is a challenge all played throughout the year from September 1st to August 31st, more than 500 crews are classified.

For 2012 have been taken into account 24 largest global events with a minimum at least 25 competitors, and once again the ranking of winners reflects perfectly hierarchy recognized worldwide.

The merit of monitoring points rather complex calculations, returns to the President of the Association Italian Toni VIRETTI , whom I thank warmly.

The podium the last 3 years the "Dragon d'Or", rewarded crews exceptions, such as Tommy MUELLER, Anatoly LOGINOV Richard Hoj-Jensen, Gavia WILKINSON-KOX Lars HENDRIKSEN, or Marcus WIESER.

However, one crew appeared annually on all the catwalks, and this new year 2012, it is the second time the overall lead.

The podium 2012, RUSSIAN 100%, and I have the great pleasure to call on the three steps of podium:
podium2 [320x200].JPG
1 / Anatoly LOGINOV receiving the "Dragon d'Or 2012" hands of the Secretary General Cannes Dragon International

Although the Golden Dragon skipper honors, it is difficult to separate this reward faithful crew of Anatoly LOGINOV

2 / The representative Dimtri SAMOKHIN, which receives the second prize of "Dragon d'Or
2012, "the hands of the Treasurer Cannes Dragon International.

3 / Vassily SENATOROV
, which receives the third prize of " Dragon d'Or 2012" hands
Gerard BLANC Member Cannes Dragon International.

Thank you for standing ovation as it should be these three great champions who honor our series international.

I can not conclude this ceremony, not to mention the memory of the friend of all Dragonists, who died tragically in early summer. Philippe Leblic significantly contribute to the development of the Dragon in the Mediterranean, it was
Originally Cannes Dragon International, and I want to pay tribute to him that everyone has touched a thought for him.

Thank you for listening to me, and I wish you a great evening and a good appetite.

Jean-Pierre GAILES
Président de Cannes Dragon International
Commodore du Yacht Club de Cannes

FINAL RESULTS 2012 : http://gailes.free.fr/blog/Dragon_d'Or_230912.pdf

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