Lifting slings

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Lifting slings

Post by FransBoom » Wed Oct 18, 2006 10:02 pm

In an article in the IDA newsletter some years ago I read an alarming story about failing lifting slings. I had some other problems with using the sling as well, which made me eager to think about a solution.
The problems:
* the boat hung bow down very much and it was therefore difficult to place it on the trailer
* a lot of strain on the coach roof when we started/stopped lifting with the boat still level in the water or on the trailer
* the sideways angle could only be secured when the sling was tensioned, which required to stay in the boat at least until lifting was started.

The solution:
This year I replaced my lifting slings with a steel construction shaped like the Greek letter labda. (difficult to sent in original form by mail)
The lifting gear has two legs. The shorter, forward, leg is length adjustable which gives the possibility to change the angle in which the boat is lifted, bow down to keep the mast clear from the crane or the boat level to make it much easier to position the boat on a trailer. Since the construction is fixed sideways securing can be setup before the lifting.

Frans Boom and Conny Groot
NED321 currently sailing on Vännenr Sweden

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