Italian Dragon Association Annual General Meeting

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Italian Dragon Association Annual General Meeting

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The Italian Dragon Association, AssoDragone, had its annual general meeting last 24 March 2011. The meeting took place in the Sanremo Yacht Club, in one of its rooms kindly offered by the President, Mr. Beppe Zaoli, and organizer of the 2011 Italian Open Dragon Championship.

From the outset, Viretti thanked Beppe Zaoli for his commitment to the Dragon class and for doing much to expand the class in Italy in particular and in the Mediterranean at large. Zaoli with his personal technical and organizational skills made the Italian Championship one of the most important Dragon class events nationally and internationally. Sanremo is currently a candidate for the European Dragon Championship in 2014.

Viretti also thanked Rinaldo Agostini, the President of the Circolo al Mare di Alassio for hosting an excellent Alassio Dragon Week, and Pippo dalla Vecchia, the President of the Royal Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia for organizing a major event for Classic Dragons in Naples end of June 2011, when the prestigious Eduardo Pepe Gold Cup will be awarded.

Viretti said that the Coppa Alberti continues to get much media attention for its splendid location in Portofino waters while this year it is expected to have some leading sailing journalists racing in two Dragons graciously put at their disposal by the Transbunker Sailing Team and Antonio Viretti himself.

The participants at the Annual General Meeting voted unanimously for the reappointment of Antonio Viretti as President, of Paolo Manzoni and Alberto Marconi as Councilors, for the appointment of Ezio “Gianni” Murzi as Secretary of the Association, and of Francesco Barthel as in-charge of the Classic Dragons section.

The AGM also confirmed unanimously Sanremo and its YC candidacy for the IDA European Dragon Championship in 2014, while it looks forward to have Italy as a candidate for an IDA Gold Cup event.

AGM members, in light of the technical and organizational capacity of the YC Sanremo, were all in agreement that Sanremo event should be upgraded to an IDA Grade 1 event from its current Grade 2 event. To this effect, the President has been mandated to undertake the necessary steps.

In addition, the AGM approved establishing the National Ranking List. Gianni Murzi, who had contacts with Robert Alpe of IDA, has been tasked with this endeavour. He will submit an Italian racing calendar, and their RL points and multipliers to all members by the end of April for final approval and for uploading into the system.
The AGM also mandated the President and the Secretary to submit a Strategy and Programme Paper on ways and means to develop the Dragon Class further in Italy.

Prepared by Antonio Viretti and Gianni Murzi
Gianni Murzi

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