Marblehead Trophy is going to Denmark...
26 Aug 2014, 13:12

Christian Videbaek, Jan Eli.. Read more


Belgium National Championship in Ostend.....
25 Aug 2014, 13:56

Martin Payne, with Donal Small and Olivier Bakker, sail "Little Hook" to Victory.. Read more

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Two Wins for Jorgen Schonherr in Kiel...
24 Aug 2014, 07:38
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Markus Wieser leads Jorgen Schonherr down wind during the Marblehead.. Read more

Belgium Nationals in Ostend..
23 Aug 2014, 07:06

"Little Hook" powers it's way to victory in race 4 of the Belgium Nationals.. Read more

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First Day of the Marblehead Trophy...
23 Aug 2014, 06:36
The first race in Kiel for the prestigious Marblehead Trophy took place yesterday in 20 to 25 kts of wind over an exciting 25 mile course, with a long Spinnaker down wind leg, followed by a 1 hour 45 mins beat back !

My good friend Tommy Muller reports " All the Teams enjoyed the Long Distance Race very much, as it was a change from the usual up and down shorter races. The new Dragons from Dubai showed very good speed and finished close to the leading three boats who amazingly finished within just 2 mins of each other after such a long race" !

Read more

The Marvellous Marblehead Trophy..
19 Aug 2014, 08:02
This magnificent Trophy will be raced for in Kiel as the current holder Tommy Muller tries to retain the cup yet again !!!!!!!!

However, this year sees one of the most competitive fleets ever! With Jorgan Schonherr, Frank Berg and Markus Wieser showing up it will not be so easy for Tommy this time....

Also in the mix is the current "Corinthian" Champion Jan Woortman and top Lady Helm Tanja Jacobsohn from Germany. The first race is a long distance race of around 25miles. It begins at Strande and then out around the Kiel Light House, passing.. Read more

Report from the Swedish Nationals.
14 Aug 2014, 03:30
Swedish Nationals have had different winners during last twelve years which probably is some kind of record in itself. However, series are now broken by Martin Paulson, Goran Alm and Johan.. Read more